The French word of the day: bonbon

Because it’s Monday, to wish you all the sweetest week!


Repeat after me, bon-bon (candy). The name bon-bon arose from infantile reduplication of the French word bon, meaning ‘good’. In modern French and several other European languages, the term simply refers to any type of candy or small confection.

If you need choice and quality, just open the ancestral door of the “Mere de Famille” (Family mum (!) ).  The best Lollipops, candies, fruit jellies, marzipan, lozenges, licorice, caramels, nougat, candied fruit and calissons of Paris are quietly waiting for you … 

And some for those of you who fancy orange .. Here is your weekly dose of energy:

By the way, did you know the power attributed to the color orange? Orange is a mixture of red and yellow and is the color of joy and happiness. It has also been found to be useful in facilitating the digestive process. No wonder those candies are best sellers…

Bon Appetit!


18 thoughts on “The French word of the day: bonbon

    1. and delicious… Btw, they had kinda similar shops but for dogs, in Seoul 😛 far more expensive than those ones…

    1. 🙂 and if you had seen the guimauve… I did not dare checking all the flavors of the ice creams. Would have been to risky for my stomach 😉

  1. I love orange and am tickled pink by this post! The candy store pics are like a scene from a French movie! So charming and dainty! Thanks for sharing these bonbon with us!

    1. You’re most welcome 🙂 wandering in this shop is really like time traveling. imagine all the stories the walls of this shop could tell if only they could speak.. All the different kind of customers, from a century to another..All united by the same love for Bonbons 🙂

      1. You are so right! I can imagine the various customers who’ve bought candy there… But it hasn’t changed much for decades I’m sure.. Looks like an amazing store!
        Thanks for letting us dream of beautiful Paris!

    1. thanks so much 🙂 today I heard that if you have tea with you sweets or cakes, it washes out the calories. My new motto 😉 x

  2. Bombom is also the word in Portuguese for chocolate truffle wrapped up in a colorful metallic paper, dear Estelea! What a way to star the week! If I ever visit Paris (I hope it will be in a couple of years), I know the friend to talk to in order to get the best advice. Thanks so much, dear friend, and cheers to you and to your BEAUTIFUL family! 🙂

    1. I already love those bombom! I need to find them now 🙂 Would be lovely to see you in 4D in France! By this time, we’ll may be living in Europe again.. if not, I’ll make sure you’ll have the best advices ever 🙂 Wishing you all and your awesome fam a Grande week!

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