The French word of the day : curiosités


I came across a little gem in Fontainebleau. One of those treasure chests dressed like a little shop..

Its mere display was already intriguing enough. The reflection of the church on its window had turned the ballerinas into angels. The beautiful little statues were dancing in the air. From any angle you would stand, the illusion was perfect: the shop was inhabited by angels. I had to open the door…

So glad I did. What seemed like a shop was actually the laboratory of an alchemist. If you are ever running short of inspiration, “My Favorite Things” is the place to visit. The Beautiful things of Ms Guitard will drive you on a trip back in the goo’ old Art Deco and antiques times. They also have a the magic power to take you on a journey all over the world on an enchanted road of scents, from Delhi to Paris via Honolulu, Yakushima or Anchorage.. You don’t believe me? here is a glimpse of what you can find this little Cabinet of Curiosities (Curiosités).

Spend some time in this shop, and you won’t need Daily prompts for a while…Want to see more? click here.


7 thoughts on “The French word of the day : curiosités

    1. Nothing to regret, it opened only a few months ago 🙂 There is a new market too, will show you soon .. Hope you had at least the time to wander in the Sunday market?

    1. You’re most welcome 🙂 same here, I always find those places so inspiring, so lively and full of secrets…

    1. Thanks so much! the shop is a real treasure box, and last but not least, the owner is so sweet. Great stuff and conversations, what else? 😉

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