The French Word(s) of the day : “frères et soeurs”


Today, I asked Ms Attila why she loves so much being in France. Her answer totally melt my heart:

“Because it’s where are all the people we have been loving forever “.

Such a precious definition of my sibling!
Let me introduce you to the Dream team: my big brother Florian, on the right. Event hough we are pretty close in age, we are very different. He is as introvert as I am extravert, he is a thinker, who seriously loved studying business law.. He is the one I call when I need some solid advice, he has this paternal aura that can reassure anyone in a minute (do I need to precise he’s a lawyer? ;).

Jules, the brother with the glasses, is in the top 3 of my best friends ever!

The handsome one hugging me is my “little” brother Ilan. The sweetest one, the Prince charming of my daughter, the most patient of the tribe. See those rugbyman’s arms? best hugger of all!

Last but not least, my adorable sister Aby. So proud when people tell me that we so look alike, temper and looks wise 🙂

Nobody can beat their stupid sense of humor, their kindness, the invigorating power of their hugs. Whatever the miles between us, we are a very strong team.

All around us are our (hyper) significant others. Lucky them 😉


15 thoughts on “The French Word(s) of the day : “frères et soeurs”

  1. It is most definitely a dream team and the best thing is… it’s not a dream! This is such a heartwarming and inspiring post. You daughter can really knock one out with her wisdom and loving heart.
    As you go through Switzerland and gets more family love, I do wish you have a safe and not sad return to Cebu, as you filled your hearts with all the love of your families.
    Have a beautiful Sunday and week.
    Warm hugs.

    1. Thanks so much Lucile for your warm words 🙂 I am really seizing the day, the hours even! Wishing you the sweetest week my dear friend XXXXX

  2. Amazing family!!! Such a beautiful and meaningful post… Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us: )

  3. Oh this is so heartwarming! Thank you for sharing your sibling love!!! You all are such a beautiful family. 🙂

    1. Salamat!!! Now you understand why your post with all the warm smiles of your fam really touched my heart 😉

      1. Aww, that is so nice of you to say that – again. This brings a smile to my face this morning. 🙂 I’m glad you are enjoying your time there. Nothing beats having family around!

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