The French word of the day: Suisse

After a year of streets full of people, boiling with cars and loud music, no word could express how I had longed for calm and fresh air. Switzerland (Suisse) is my long awaited oasis. And here we are: as I wandered in Thun yesterday and sleighed in Grinderwald today, I felt my lungs inflate with the breathtaking scenery. Take a Breath, look up to the mountains, feel the sun perfuming your face. Stop and listen.


16 thoughts on “The French word of the day: Suisse

    1. THanks dear, we have been blessed with this awesome weather for most of our trip. Those Swiss know how to celebrate Spring 😉 Have a cozy Sunday!

    1. thanks! everywhere I looked, I was just puzzled by the purity and the beauty of the place. Good my battery did not last long, or else I wonder if I could have skied at all 😛

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