In the mood for a quiet (start of the) day


Le “Flore” is my favorite café in Paris. It used to be my refuge from the rest of the world when I was studying political sciences a street away, some years ago. It is still my little oasis when I visit the French capital. I have to stop there, even just an hour, or else my French trip would not be complete.

Like all my favorite places in town, it is old enough to make my imagination run wild. All the famous and infamous who sat there, drafted their masterpieces, declared their love or said their goodbye.. I love its pure Art Deco ambiance, the good manners of the waiters (who know that coffee pairs with silence) and last but not least, the special taste of its espresso.

Here is my favorite moment of the day: early morning, when people are rushing to work and I can still find a seat at the terrace . The table is my shield, protecting my precious coffee and my adored book from the outside world. I am simply enjoying life sip by sip, page after page.. Priceless vacations times, la Dolce Vita à Paris!


25 thoughts on “In the mood for a quiet (start of the) day

    1. thanks my dear 🙂 Btw, I am still savoring this little jewel you recommended on Judaism’s 10 best ideas. Perfect reading for Passover!

    2. Amelie Nothomb is such an impressive writer. She knows how to hook you, kick you and send you to hell and back with her magic pen. Her writing is so elegant, her French so perfect, she is really the best to me. My favorite book of hers, Peplum, has been haunting me for years (and still does). Her Japanese stories are delicious too, she is something! whenever I need a real shot of French,I read her. And I totally escape from the world 🙂

      1. Dear Estelea, I have bought the book and I will start the reading today. I will send my comments. Thanks so much and continue enjoying everything! You and your family are very special to me! Merci! 🙂

      2. Please tell me, she’s very peculiar, would love to know how you liked the book 🙂 Happy Passover dear friend, all the very best to you and your fam!

      3. Thanks so much, dear friend! Happy Passover to you and yours! I had my first Seder on Pesach second night at the synagogue. It was a great and resourceful experience! Yes, I will send my comments about the book. What a pleasure to have books discussions with you! Live France at the fullest, as you always do! Take care of yourself and of your beautiful family! 🙂

      4. I am so glad you enjoyed the experience 🙂 Is your synagogue reform or do you have to go with the matzo all week long?

      5. HI Estelea, It is reform. I can handle the matzo well. A pharmaceutical rep brought chocolatey matzo (from Israel) to our office. It has long been gone… 🙂 Reform is so close to the Torah – we have a female rabbi and her thoughts and opinions are very advanced (better saying, contemporary to our times) I have your mum’s and the Atillas’ smiles on my screen. Terrific shot! That picture shows Pure Happiness! Thanks so much!

      6. I so agree with you, reforms are really embracing the 21rst century. They are so much more open, more welcoming! I do applause your courage with the matzo 😉 I am on this diet too, and even after all those years, I am wondering why they were not counted as pleagues too.. At least in Paris I could taste some different ones, orange flavored and which looked slightly more eatable 😉 With chocolate, would have been so perfect!
        2 more days to go! I am dedicating you the post I ll publish on Saturday… Have a lovely day my dear!

      7. Enjoy everything on your last two days in Paris. I am sure you will be back soon. I have your mother’s smile and the kisses of Attila I and Attila II engraved on my mind! So precious! Hope your mother will visit with you before you come back to Paris. As you have mentioned, maybe you will have the chance to move back to Europe. Thanks so much for the post on Saturday! You are too kind. I will post something this evening. Take care, my wonderful friend! Vive la France! Vive Estelea! Vive all her BEAUTIFUL family!
        PS: The book is fantastic! Still in the beginning, but enjoying every letter! 🙂

      8. ” I am on this diet too, and even after all those years, I am wondering why they were not counted as pleagues too..” To the point! They suffered for so many years in the desert!

      9. so then, why adding with the matzo?? that’s my thing with Judaism, sometimes we tend to take things to radically. Would have been a good idea to celebrate all week long with chocolates instead, to lift the poor spirits of those of have suffered in the desert 😉 Bah, one week a year, is ok though. Makes you realize how fortunate you are to be on this diet ONLY a week a year!

      10. Well said, as always! Thanks so much for our rich exchange of ideas! it is a gift for me! Have a great evening and please hug your Mum for me. Hug to you as well! You two are very special! 🙂

  1. It’s no secret that I love France, especially Paris, and Le Flore. I think most writers, dreamers, artists, flock to France because of its appreciation of art for the sake of its existence. Love your blog and found you through Mia’s Musings.

    1. THanks so much for your very kind words. The more I travel back home, the more I love it.
      There is a special love story between France and American artists, writers and painters especially . Lots of US painters stayed in Barbizon, at the times o the Impressionists notably.(Your post on 10 reasons why writers love France is awesome btw).
      The Flore is a monument to me, hope you can make it soon to Paris again, the city, in spite of all the complains of the Parisians, keeps getting nicer and nicer. When I left yesterday, it was 19°C, perfect for a terrace 😉

  2. This is a perfect Parisian’s lifestyle capture. Nothing like visiting Paris with a Parisian, and see the city form their eyes. I am enjoying the ride. My next visit to the city will be better as I will follow your steps. Merci beaucoup. xxx

    1. Avec plaisir! This trip to Paris totally echoed Proust’s words : “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” ❤

      1. How perfect these words are to describe your experience! It’s a beautiful quote that I appreciate immensely. It’s one of my preferred.
        I’m happy you enjoyed such a beautiful time and full of adventure, fun as well as it was a time for love renewal with your beloved family.
        Enjoy now Cebu! That’s also where happiness is. Hugs and love from Amsterdam. ️Xxx

      2. yes you are so right, as usual my dear 🙂 I got my batteries fully recharged, and Cebu welcomed us with a perfect weather, not even too hot – guess the rock had missed us (that’s the kind of ego you get after all those days back into Parisian’s shoes ;). Plein de bises ❤

      3. So glad to hear that! Wherever you go the weather opens arms to welcome you. It’s your good energy conspiring on your favor.
        No Parisian ego, just well deserved! But I did love the reference to the Parisian’s shoes.
        Plein de bises back at you.

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