The French word of the day: mamie


Last week of the series on “French words”. For this year at least!

This week’s photo challenge totally matches with the pic of the day: The Attilas have been expecting their French grand mother for a few minutes already.. and finally here she sits down!

My kids are blessed with an ultra dynamic grand mother, who shares a special love story with her grand daughter Ms Attila. When I see the Attilas still hyper after a long day of running, biking and bouncing, I don’t need to stretch my imagination too long to find out where they got that energy from.

We have spent the last 15 years abroad, (very) far from home, and those precious moments are definitely influencing our next move. I read somewhere that Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city. A neighboring country would do 😉


13 thoughts on “The French word of the day: mamie

    1. Thanks 😉 the energy as well, she is the only one who can really get me tired, and you know it takes a lot..XXX

      1. Massive doses ! They are totally jet lagged, can’t go to sleep before 5AM, wish they were a bit more Swiss sometimes 😛

  1. Oui….”super mamie a perdu un peu de son energie.elle était surtout dopée par ses poussins!!!! Super métas bisous.

    1. ah bon? t’as fait la grasse mat jusqu’à 7h? 😉 On t’aime mega fort, toi et les crepes me precise Ms Attila ❤

  2. A terrific text, and shot! I will come back in the evening for more comments! I will smile during all my day – thanks to you all for the energy!!! 🙂

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