I hate to spend money!

But my home country is in crisis! The French economy (Yves Saint Laurent himself) needs me!


Seriously, it is sometimes incredibly difficult to stay afloat when you are genuinely empathic and simply want to help…


19 thoughts on “I hate to spend money!

    1. Que nenni! la petite robe YSL hiver 67, elle est sublime. Un chouya trop cher, mais sublime. et regarde un peu ces manteaux.. Le magasin est en face de la boutique Serge Lutens, sous les arcades juste apres les colonnes de Buren, aux Tuileries. Ils ont meme un coin special “petites robes noires”. Vivement la mission à Rome, que je fasse un vrai shopping! on se retrouve là bas et on va se prendre un thé au Park Hyatt? ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. THanks a lot ! I figured I had enough boats on my blog, and I am still in Paris, somehow 😉 Have a grande week!

    1. Thanks dear! I had came to the exact conclusion. Then I checked the price tag, and realized that the dress would not pair with my flip flops in Cebu, too bad for her 😉

    1. Thanks a lot ! Would not be the perfect outfit for biking, so I am afraid I ll take a raincheck on your next ride 😉 I ll for sure read your post though!

      1. 😀 yes, that would be perfect, as rains are quite unpredictable these days in Delhi..but weather is splendid…winds, moisture..and feel-good factor..If I would be mean, I would ask you to skip your dresses and go for something little, something that makes you feel like a soaring kite! I wish the weather stays like this for long:)

        Having you around on wordpress, is such fun.. Stay smiling! and keep writing:)

      2. :D) There is something that does not really make sense to me: the combination of feeling like a kite and.. being on a bike ;)) Thanks so much for your kind words dear, see you here or there!

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