Back on the Rock!

Et voilà! Au revoir Paris, ciao Switzerland, thanks for the great times and see you next year!

We are back on the rock, back to our 30°C, to our trips by the great Pacific Ocean, the (little) mountains and much much more …


So stay tuned, just give me a few more days to deal with the jet lags of the Attilas and we’ll be back on track. Can’t believe the energy of those kiddos, when they wake up all fresh and hyper at 2AM, Mr Attila shouting for his cereals and his sister asking me every 5 minutes ” can we get dressed now? are you sure it’s still night? the cocks have already been singing for a long time!

Just one full night sleep and we’ll be back in our Seven-league flip flops. See you somewhere along the road, here or there 🙂


8 thoughts on “Back on the Rock!

  1. Merci 🙂 you guys are still in BKK this year, right? in case we want to go to this crazy fusionmagical resto in a few month?…XXX

    1. “Getting there.. getting there.. “she said, with huge bags under the eyes 😛
      Wish you a greatissima week too X

  2. welcome back! What adventures you had! I felt as if I were traveling along with you, thanks to your great posts!
    Look forward to reading about more Cebu adventures!!

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