The kind of 50 shades that gets me really High (1/4)

Are Blue. Like Bantayan. Turn off your clock to “Beach Time” today and next Friday to share our little trip to the pearl of the Philippines. For those of you living in cold countries, here is your massive dose of Vitamin D. Hope our pictures will help in warming your hands and foot…


25 thoughts on “The kind of 50 shades that gets me really High (1/4)

    1. WHat a beautiful compliment my dear 🙂 More to come next Friday and next.. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Have a beautiful week end

    1. Sometimes I pondering about getting back “home”. Then I am looking around … Have a lovely week my dear 🙂

  1. Would you like to know my flight itinerary? I’m joining you!! Ah, and I’ll visit you too!!
    I’m glad to see you back to the blue! And in 50 shades! 😉
    Your yogi is adorable and in intending to hug the little Atillas endlessly!
    Thanks for the invite and beautiful post!
    Xxxx enjoy the weekend.

    1. I ll post picts of Bantayan every Friday for the next 3 weeks. If after that you are still not convinced to visit… 😉 XXX

      1. Oh hooray I look forward to seeing more lovely pictures! I’m already convinced to come visit: ))))
        Happy Monday: )))

    1. You’ll love it! You’ll miss the Italian food for sure, but definitely fall in love with the sun, the pristine waters, the sugar beaches and the super merry people! Let me know when you re landing 😉 X

      1. I was just telling my boyfriend about your blog and how nice a place to live in the Philippines are… 😛

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