The most important thing a girl wears

Is her confidence!

No matter her age.

Stand Out!

Wishing you all a classy Week!


19 thoughts on “The most important thing a girl wears

    1. Thanks a lot :)) So proud, you should have seen her weeks ago, when she just started. A rugby player 😛 She gained so much confidence, I m wondering if I should join her class actually (yes, embarrassing my kids is among the great services I can offer 😉

      1. Oh wow, rugby too? What an amazing little girl!
        Hmm yes I think you should join her class too!!

      2. My super light French diet (!) tells me I should go for something more cardio and radical, maybe kick boxing?.. I could see the results faster than if I enroll to ballet classes.. are you a ballerina too?

      3. Oh kickboxing! Yes yes you should do it!
        I am a lover of dance but I don’t do ballet.. For me, it’s Latin style: ) Salsa, merengue, Bachata… I’m addicted to the fast and spicy rhythms!!

      4. Same here actually 🙂 Wish I could take lessons here, but haven’t found any yet. Plus the issue is when they ask you to come with your partner to dance. And mine being “almost” 2 times my size (that’s what you get when you fall for a Swiss from the mountains. They are tall!)… But I have a massive stock of Latino music we are dancing and shouting to, the Attilas and me ! You just gave me an idea for a future post… XXX

      5. Oh I knew we had lots in common and I’m glad that dance and Latin music are among them! Hmmm yes dancing with a taller partner can be challenging… But I hope you can get out on the dance floor soon!
        I’m glad to inspire a new post! Can’t wait to read it !! Sounds like you’ve got your own dance floor right at home!
        Happy Wednesday my dear!

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