Great parenting lies somewhere


Between “don’t do that !!!” (don’t throw sand at your bro’s face/don’t jump from the boat/don’t eat this damned seaweed/don’t run on the boat…) and

what the hell …” (what a perfect light for a selfie!)


26 thoughts on “Great parenting lies somewhere

    1. Thank you 🙂 and last but not least, the kids were so surprised I stopped yelling for a minute, that they actually sat down. I guess they were worried 😉 Yes, the calm lasted 30sec, but what a bliss..; X

      1. Agree! it is all about taking time to smell the flowers as we say in France. Small things that makes us smile 🙂 X

    1. Obrigada my dear 🙂 I could actually work for the tourist office of Bantayan; I dont think I can ever get tired of this beautiful place where the kids can spend all their energy running, swimming, treasure hunting.. and crash to bed at 7pm 😀

      1. De nada, querida Amiga.
        They would have a great ambassador of their country!!
        How wonderful that they can enjoy so much from nature. They will never forget these years!!
        Neither you! Keep enjoying it!

  1. Little girl attila: why is mommy suddenly quiet? are we in trouble?
    Little boy attila: i better watch out, big sis might strike again with the sand on my face!
    Mommy: bah! say cheese!
    *beautiful photo!*

  2. What a beautiful and fun photo, showing the carefree enjoyment at the beach together… So special!

    1. I have been living in Asia for so long, it is part of my arm now 😉 I brought back some of those selfie sticks with the special lenses you fix on your phone to my bro at home. They were speechless. Again, I impressed everyone 😉

      1. Those gadgets are everywhere in Asia, I was really surprised they had not invaded France yet

      2. Not only in India, I saw this thing in almost every shop in Dubai and other emirates. From there I came to know that this thing is called selfie stick!

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