The kind of 50 shades that gets me really High (2/4)

Are Blue. Like Bantayan…

It’s Friday! Time for the second part of our little series on Bantayan.. Get yourself a nice San Miguel (works as well with any local beer, no worries), sit down and welcome on board!

16 thoughts on “The kind of 50 shades that gets me really High (2/4)

    1. Here you are 🙂 Red Horse, man you are a local, indeed, tough woman! I am still on San Miguel after a year 😛

      1. LOL! I assume you prefer San Mig Lite? Back in the day, when I was still in Nursing school, we did Tanduay and Coke because it was cheaper. How’s that for tough? 😉

      2. I am not a tourist anymore dear, I am on Pilsen (when they run out of San Mig Lite;)) Tanduay and Coke?? total respect! I:P

      3. Hey, that was when we were college kids, no money for expensive drinks or even beer. Our other cheap option was Gilbey’s gin and lime/pomelo. Those were the days! Now, I’m such a softie, I can only take San Mig Lite or Tanduay Ice. 🙂

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