One more week before Summer Class

What do you mean exactly by
What do you mean exactly by “it’s about time to go to school”?

The Attilas have been on (official) holidays since late February. Summer Class will start on May 5th, but I am not sure I am ready yet.

I know how next Monday morning will sound :

Me, squatting down and looking at Mr Attila in the eye:  “I really need to go to work today“, and repeating for the 100th time “there will be no crying when I drop you off Mon Amour, ok?”

And him, patting my shoulder: “yes Maman! I know you can do it!“.


27 thoughts on “One more week before Summer Class

    1. Thanks so much for your warm words ! Maybe try just one week of school, and play it by ear after… ;)X

      1. Honestly, I am considering the option .. I am not so happy with the Asian teaching methods, very competitive and not considering the emotional intelligence of the kids. I kinda started with my daughter during the holidays, with maths and reading, and she loved it. Her teacher was pretty amazed by the results. I am looking for methods, ways to do it properly in the long run…

      2. Like a factory, isn’t it? I have to say, I’m pretty happy that there is a program we can use that’s based on the public school curriculum. Maybe you find an international school curriculum online somewhere?

      3. Totally! I m looking for one actually .. If I want to be like the other mums here, would have to enroll my 2.5 yo to extra curricular activities every afternoon till 5 😛 seriously …

      4. Sick… Sometimes it seems as if they want to get rid of the kids for as much as possible… It’s the same here! And as a homeschooling family you often get to hear the “how can you stand having them around all the time?” And “It would drive me nuts”… Well, I love having my kids around (although they do drive me nuts sometimes…)

      5. You are so right. Can you believe that when I gave birth in Thailand, the nurses were astonished because I insisted to have my baby by my bed and feed him on demand. One finally told me “it is not common here M’am. You will have a hard time sleeping” (!!!)

      6. In Thailand, my OB told me that most (rich) women go for a C section not because they need it, but because it is convenient. Little cultural clash 😉 Then the babies are “trained” to eat every 3 or 4h. Et voilà! For them, me and my expat friends were a bunch of weird masochist hippies 😉

    1. All the things they say about Mothers totally falling for their sons? I am afraid it is totally true 😛

      1. he is YOURS and he is adorable. he will be a future heartbreaker! 🙂

    1. Thanks Donna 🙂 I wish I could hide in his classroom at least for the first 2 days (man, did I just write that?? I am turning into my Mum!!)

  1. Absolutely adorable pic and equally adorable response! I’m sure it’ll be tough to go back to school next week…Ugh, I always hated the first day of school after summer break but then it all became the usual routine after about 1 week and all worked out well. Good luck and keep us posted!
    PS What an amazing beach scene! What palm trees! What blue water! AHHH!

    1. THanks Lia 🙂 Tomorrow is the big day and I think I am the only one having butterflies in my stomach… At least we ll spend the next week by this beach, so I can recover from the first days of school 😉 We ll give home schooling a try, one week a month first, talk about a kindergarden..

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