Mother’s Day subliminal message to SuperDad

The kids and I agree that since all great journeys start with a single step, the perfect Mother I am should always have great shoes!

Ms Attila voted for those ones, they would match perfectly with my SuperMama red cape:

I promise to use them to teach the kids the meaning of quality, craftsmanship, labor and passion. This is priceless, isn’t it?

(Little reminder: Mother’s Day is in 4 days!)


25 thoughts on “Mother’s Day subliminal message to SuperDad

    1. It almost made me cry, seriously! Not made of poor kids sweat, I understand why they are so expensive . Like the jewel they actually are …

    1. Indeed such a beautiful craftsmanship. I am ready for an assignment in Italy I think.. there is a time for flip flop, and a time for Ferragamo 😉
      Will tell you if it works. Hope it will be a bit more efficient than for Tiffany’s… Cheers to the Dolce Vita!

      1. Cheers to the Dolce Vita!
        There is a time for both indeed.
        You need to improve your convincing tactics! Maybe a blogpost asking for opinions?

      2. You Know the Spanish saying “quien Espera desespera!” Y “soy El tipo de mujer que si quiero la luna, me la bajo ya soleta” 😉 but You just inspired another post my dear, thanks …

      3. Hahaha I didn’t know this one…
        The Portuguese version is more submissive: ‘Quem espera sempre alcança’. Or who waits for, gets it.
        Go for it!

      4. The French version says something like “all things come to him who waits”.
        Pretty passive too ..

  1. “The kids and I agree …”

    And they were in no was persuaded, coerced or bribed into alignment? Hmm …

  2. Une pure merveille! Quel qu’en soit le prix……qu’elle femme ne rêverait de porter ces chaussures de princesse? Mais bon! Les rêves sont ma foi , qui sait? Tes messages subliminaux atteindront peut être leur cible?♡♡♡♡♡

    1. C’est magique, n’est ce pas? tu comprends le prix au regard de la qualité et de la merveille artisanale.. Autant attendre de pouvoir s’acheter une vraie paire, un investissement, que des pales copies fabriquees dans d’horribles conditions par des gamins.. Qui ne se sentirait pas Princesse chaussée de tels bijoux? Parce que les tongs, c’est sympa, mais bon…

  3. I hope superdad has mental telepathy, you forgot to mention your shoe size! 🙂

    1. Damned! It’s Italian size, they size differently than the French!!! Great point here,we can’t afford to take any risk..

      I can only see one way to make it right: flying to Italy, to try them in one of their shops! My telepathic skills are facing a great challenge here…

      1. you are cracking me up! hehe… we can’t afford to make any mistakes. THE shoe must be the correct size. superdad to the rescue! 😛

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