The world belongs to those who get up early

I am not much an early bird. To be honest, I tend to like my bed more than I like most people.

Except when I am at the beach.

Then I love waking up with the sun to take massive stocks of Vitamin Sea. We are blessed to live by the most beautiful beaches of the world (Make sure you add The Philippines to your bucket list, you’ll thank me forever!).

Wandering at 5′ AM on the beach is the most energizing experience ever: It makes me grateful for all I have, for this unique and special moment that the sun and the ocean are sharing with me. It forces me to in the Now. The light I am blessed to appreciate will be different in a minute. The beach will wake up and put its make up on. No more whispers, no more shadows. Fishermen will go for a nap, their kids to school.. Another crow will appear. Not better, not worse. Just different, with its special lights and unique laughters too…

When was the last time you woke up super early (AND happy!)?


35 thoughts on “The world belongs to those who get up early

  1. My dear! Getting up early is indeed a great way to start the day! And your photos prove that the Phillipines are amazing and a wonderful place to wake up early!
    Cheers my friend and here’s to a healthy dose of Vitamin Sea! (Love it!)

    1. 😉 thanks a lot! we already had the hottest day of the season so far, 35°C in the morning.. But hey, the waters are even bluer.. wouldn’t dare complaining 😉

      1. Oh 35•C sounds amazing! I love hot weather!! I can imagine how pretty the blue water is:)
        Happy Thursday my friend! Almost the weekend!

      2. You’ll love it here dear! Lucile is already packing her suitcase, will meet you both at the airport and off to Bantayan! et voilà 😉

      3. I’m glad she’s packing her bags! I’ll make an eggplant parmigiana ! I wonder if it’ll pass through security?

      4. or at least bring the parmigiana, we can find little eggplants here. In case 😉

      5. OK, great! I’ll bring the cheese and we’ll buy the eggplants at your local market 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot! This one is my favorite too, my little tribute to those courageous men. Even the sun gave them its blessing 🙂
      Thx again for this great blog event !

    1. There is something really special with a very early walk on the beach. Can’t beat that I think. Mountains might do the trick for some, but the mere thought of leaving my cosy bed to wear pull overs and socks.. would send me even deeper under the sheets 😉

  2. My dearest, The Philippines are most definitely in my list and you’re responsible for that. Your photos and descriptions are enticing.
    I have a friend form there but she lives now in the US. She said I have to visit too.So the two of you convinced me.

    1. Eagerly waiting for you dear! No biking but yoga is pretty good here too 🙂 wait till I post the picts from Virgin Island.. I ‘ll be waiting for you at the airport by the following week 😉 XXX

  3. I couldn’t agree more – I always love an early morning walk when we are by the sea, even if I have to go alone. It’s also the time when you can find the best shells (when we were young and lived in the Philippines it was easy to find amazing shells washed up on the beaches; I fear it isn’t true so much any more although I am sure you still find cowries!). Here’s to Vitamin Sea!

    1. So true 🙂 I would even prefer going alone, at my own pace.. My daughter came with me last time though, but after hardly 20mn she was already asking for a “tricycade” .. Will try again though, earlier so she ll see the fishermen coming back with their colorful treasures..

  4. I am sooo not an early bird but I think I need to become one. I generally feel better throughout the day when I wake up earlier AND morning is such a lovely time of day. Lovely pictures. 🙂

    1. Thanks Britta 🙂 Really depends on where I am though.. I don’t see myself waking up early to appreciate the rains and the winds, but as long as I just need to wear flip flop and I am guaranteed to have the best rays of the sun.. I bet you too would wake up early on this island 😉

    1. So glad you like it 🙂 There is indeed more energy to grab when we wake up a bit earlier, dont you think? Have a lovely day!

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