Enveloped in the last sun rays of the day…


“May every Sunrise hold more Promise

and Every Sunset hold more Peace


26 thoughts on “Enveloped in the last sun rays of the day…

    1. Thanks! while everybody was focusing on the beautiful sunset on their right, I could not believe my eyes when I turned my head in the other direction…

    1. Thanks Lucile! I ve been lucky on this one 🙂 This little town, Madrideus, has this “je ne sais quoi” that turns every sunset into a spiritual experience..

      1. Waou, your beautiful compliment is such a sweet line to start the day, thanks so much my dear ❤

    1. Merci Mdame! une petite ville magnifique sur la liste des endroits que les Attilas veulent te faire visiter (et moi aussi!) XXXXX

  1. Thanks Amy ! This little boy was like an apparition, so magical. Sometimes you just need to turn your head to the sun .. et voilà! I was so glad I could capture this moment to be able to share it with you guys 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 I realized that it was a kid actually, making the whole scene even more “angelic”. WHat was amazing is that hardly a minute after, as he stepped out of the sun rays, the whole scene became totally “normal” again; A kid walking on a sand beach. Fascinating seconds though..

  2. Estelea! How fabulous! What a great shot…Was the boy walking on a sand bar in the sea? How did you capture this ? Amazing…

    1. Yes he was! When I first saw him, I thought I had a vision, and it gave me the creeps 😉 I am happy the pict turned out exactly how it was: like an apparition walking on waters… Happy Week my dearest X

      1. Wow! Indeed it looks very eery — but cool at the same time! I can imagine how you felt when you saw him…Sand bars are neat but they are a bit disconcerting how far out you can walk but not be in deep waters!
        Cheers for capturing this moment on “film”!
        Happy week!

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