You can take the girl out of Paris…

But you can’t take Paris out of the girl!

Cebu is hot. Bantayan is already burning hot (35°C last Sunday!)

The Attilas play it like the locals: no beach before 4PM, drink lots of water, apply liters of sunscreen from head to toes. In addition, I asked Ms Attila to make sure she covers her head and wears her shades.

And that’s what I got (with a couple more silver hairs):


In response to Jennifer Nichole Wells’ Photo Challenge.


31 thoughts on “You can take the girl out of Paris…

    1. She does!!! Come and join my dear 🙂 Hope you can bear the heat, what does your Spring look like?

      1. Ok, that’s the best excuse for not visiting yet 🙂 You’ll have a little Princess, how exciting !! First one in the fam ?

  1. She is a Princess! Classy, elegant, and beautiful! Excellent shot, and superb writing, Estelea! Kudos to both Princesses! 🙂

    1. She recently became her Dad’s personal stylist: He can not leave the house without her formal approval on his looks. This morning he learnt that black and navy blue are not exactly matching…Never too late …

      1. Oh yes he did! When it comes to fashion, a Swiss German doesn’t stand a chance when faced with 2 Frenchies 😉

  2. Gah, so cute!!! She takes after you of course! I love all your photos, they are so full of positivity and pizzazz. 🙂

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