Mother Nature’s warning …


Yesterday was a(nother) beautiful sunny day on Bantayan island.

Then the clouds changed the path of their silent dance, as if threatening our little Paradise.. do you see what I see over there? a few hours later, we experienced the loudest rains and thunderstorms of the season. Someone’d been eating an apple, for sure!!!


18 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s warning …

  1. What a picture, I suppose weather there is very unpredictable and after a nice day can be a bad storm, or am I mistaken?

    1. Actually it is more predictable than it looks… We learn to trust the weathermen and the pro websites. When the typhoon Hayan devastated most of the island a bit more than a year ago, people said that they did not want to believe all the warnings because the weather was so nice. No wind, nothing.. It is not like back home, when you see the bad weather coming. Here, if you don’t follow the cyclone tracks, it is very hard to imagine the radical change of weather. And the cyclones/typhoon season is looming 😛

  2. Love this photo! And your description is enchanting… Clouds doing a silent dance…
    Ah the apple???!!!!

    1. This night in paradise, some Eve must had eaten an apple. THe snake saw it, and the tempest was sooo impressive 😛

    1. Thanks dear 🙂 We are 70/30 Cebu and Bantayan now. My husband is posted in Santa Fe but the kids go to school in Cebu and I need to do stuff in the city too.. So we decided to give a try to the “Flexischooling”, i ll be their teacher in Bantayan at least a week a month, but they ll keep on with the regular curriculum (and socialization!) the rest of the time in Cebu… Let’s see how it works…

      1. Salamat :))
        10 h back and forth every WE would have been a bit too much.. Come and visit 🙂

    1. THanks a lot Amy! It was really impressive! You really feel that “something” is about to happen…

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