Reblog Wed: coping with the Pinoy heat

If you wonder how it feels to be in Bantayan today, here is my answer in 4 seconds:

My coping mechanism of the day: fan to the max, liters of water and cold green tea.. and wandering through this beautiful blog: My garden away from home… Enjoy 🙂


14 thoughts on “Reblog Wed: coping with the Pinoy heat

      1. Just did the ones in Bantayan Nature Park resort so far. Utong are for next week 🙂 worth it? at least it must be fresher out there…

      2. I haven’t been to the caves. I went to Bantayan only once many many moons ago! We stayed at that resort close to the pier. All I remember was white sand, clear blue waters, fishing and more fishing. 🙂

      3. Belive it or not, after 10 days straight on the island, I feel I have fins growing 😛

      4. uh-oh maybe you need to enroll in mermaid school. i hear they have that in boracay and maybe in some other places too. 😉

      5. Will check in Palawan in October…. Heard they have a decent school there too 😉

    1. Oh yes you deserve it, your posts are so beautiful! Thinking of you today as we were lying down with the kids, showing them those awesome flowers they haven’t yet seen in real, fan to the max, pretending it was summer.. in Europe 😉 Thanks again for your great blog!

      1. Thank you once again! Very happy your kids also enjoyed flowers. Hope soon I can prepare some new photos, it seems I always find what to capture! Have fun!

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