Back to school tomorrow !


After 95 days of holidays, the Attilas are finally on their way back to school !!!

This year will be a bit special, as Mr Attila senior’s job is taking him out of Cebu, full time. At least it is “only” 6h away from us, so we will adapt and do “flexischooling“: 60% of school, 40% of homeschooling when we’ll visit him. I’ve been tossing with the idea for a while, and I feel that we are all ready now : The kids’ school will provide us with all the material we need (basically a list of the thematics and all the exercises their classmates will study in our absence) and I’ll meet up with the teachers twice a month to assess the progresses of the Attilas. Ms Attila and her brother will also have to prepare a monthly presentation of what we did during their time out of school – to share with their classmates. We are all pretty excited actually, I just need to find a good Mandarin teacher on the island.

I am still looking for advices/programs… Please feel free to comment, suggest, refer, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

But tomorrow the kids will be with their new teachers and friends, at school. The moment they’ll enter the classroom, I’ll treat myself to one day of real holidays. One day just for me, doing what I do best: No-thing! And when you ask me what I am doing and I say “nothing”, it does not mean I am free. I means I am doing nothing.

First time ever I love the sound of “back to school“!

Wishing you all a happy and relaxing week 🙂


25 thoughts on “Back to school tomorrow !

    1. What do you mean ? 😉 I am so funny, you have no idea (especially the 2mn before the end of the class :P)

      1. btw, did you notice that I am getting better with the horizon line? thanks for commenting last time, now I always make sure it is (kinda) straight!

    1. They are, you’re right 🙂 they hear the song of friendship, I hear the song of freedom 😉 happiness is all relative ! Have a sweet week

  1. no more bantayan? oh well, enjoy the city and most especially your day doing nothing! wait, not even going to the spa? 😉

    1. Spa is for tmrw 🙂 today I won’t even take a jeepney! bantayan Will be 1 week a month so far, depending on the weather and how good we are with homeschooling ,,

      1. Thanks dear ! I just read an article on why meditation should be taught at school, could be a great way to start.. 😛 Have a lovely week

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