You know you are in the Philippines…

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In the Philippines, most women become Mums in their 20s. Even though the new generation tends to have less children, most of the Filipinas have between 4 and 6 kiddos when they reach 35. Hence, another little cultural shock when I visited a doc this morning:

The doc, checking my file “Good morning M’ame Estela! so you are 43?”

– Yes.

– how many children do you have M’ame?

– 2, a girl and a boy

– 2 only? (long sorry face) but (with a genuine big smile) how many grand children ?”

… Ahem…

Age is all relative: as long as you have a relative older than you, you’ll always be the young one. Gotta call my Mum right away!


25 thoughts on “You know you are in the Philippines…

  1. poor you… as long as the other kids at school/kindergarten don’t ask your kids why Granny is always picking them up I think you are fine… 😉

    1. you re mean ;)) I don’t think they would dare because I am still much younger than most of the Dads…

  2. he almost had a heart attack when I told him that a real granny (65!) had just gave birth to 4 in Germany…Making me a very young Mum in comparison. Again, it’s all relative!

  3. At the college where I teach, the cultural norm is similar to what you see in the Philippines, so at my “advanced” age, I am very often asked if I have grandchildren! The first time it happened, I was utterly shocked and depressed, but now I just smile and say “Whaaaat? My kids are way too young to be married or have kids!”

  4. Te plains pas!à quelques poussières d’années,tu aurais pu être arrière grand’mère….

    1. Bah, tant qu’on a la santé.. vais peut etre prendre un pt RV chez le coiffeur pour cacher mes 2 petits cheveux argentés 😉

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