A sweet walk down “Natsukashii” lane


I am in love with writers.

They fascinate me. They re the ultimate hermaphrodites, totally self sufficient in their procreation. No wonder most of them are a bit twisted, there is so much inside of them. I’ll never become one. I am too attached to my little sanity.

I admire writers because they talk to my heart, to my deep feelings, to my subconsciente. Each time I start a new book, I am always little anxious. Who knows where the ride will take me? Words can be so addicting, you don’t know where those pens got their ink from…

I spent the last days with Amelie Nothomb, engrossed in “the Happy Nostalgia’. I love her. She makes me laugh, ponder, wonder and she is pretty good at stabbing her words into my heart.. She did again today, when she taught me a beautiful Japanese word: Natshukashii

A Japanese, untranslatable word, natsukashii is a beautiful feeling defined as a state of euphoric nostalgia. It is triggered by a fond memory, which causes a yearning or missing space in your heart. It is usually an emotion modified by an object, such as your old neighborhood, an old friend, or lover. Although nostalgia is usually correlated with a sense of melancholia, natsukashii is a sweet reminiscent that warms your heart.

The word opened a beautiful all dusted trunk, filled with the perfumed hugs of Papy Gaston and Mamie Juliette. I would have loved my kids to know them. Smell their way through their little living room where bowls of hot chocolate were waiting for me and my little brothers.. The “cake de Mamie” just out of the oven, with its unique flavor of orange blossom..Her tender laugh each time  she would catch us fighting for the ultimate crumbs..

I just need to close my eyes to savor it again.

I am so grateful for the everlasting memories. Some things are eternal.

22 thoughts on “A sweet walk down “Natsukashii” lane

  1. Estelea, I’m reading this and a big lump forms in my throat! How poignant and beautifully written, this post today…perfectly aligned with the Daily Prompt and perfectly bringing back memories, thanks to this lovely Japanese word…
    I could almost taste the “cake de Mamie”!
    Cheers my friend and happy Friday!

    1. Glad you like it too 🙂 so rich and precious… Plus now I have another Japanese word beside Sushi and sashimi

  2. Comme ces jolis souvenirs empreints de nostalgie,mais non de tristesse sont doux à se remémorer…..merci de faire encore et toujours exister papie Gaston et mamie Juliette au travers de de cette mémoire vive.(je vais bien dénicher cette fameuse recette!)

    1. Avoue que son gateau a été 10000 fois copié mais jamais égalé! Et c’est presque tant mieux 😉 Xxxxx

  3. C’est vrai. MEme ce pauvre papie s’y est cassé les dents(au propre comme au figuré)xxx

  4. Funny how last night I also stumbled upon a foreign word, “Meraki”. It’s a Greek word that means to do something with soul, creativity and love; the essence of yourself put into your work… It just gave me that AHA moment same as this new Japanese word did to you too! 🙂

    1. Greek vocabulary is incredibly rich. They have so many unique words to express deep emotions. Did you know they have 5 words to express love? because how can you use the same to love broccoli and love your husband?…

    1. Thanks 🙂 One of those unique moments when you discover that a word can mean so much.. Asian and greek vocabulary is so incredibly rich! have a brilliant week my dear X

  5. Beautiful post my dear Estelea. Your description of writers is very interesting. I wonder what They will think of it..;-)
    And this Japanese word made me think of a word in Portuguese which definition is very similar to this one you shared. In Portuguese is Saudade.
    So loved the memories of Papy and Mamie.Sweet and lovely.

  6. I wonder too… 😉 It’s a very personal perception, those artists really fascinate me. To create life, tell vivid stories, make us cry and laugh, they have something really special, really unique. It’s not because you can write that you are a writer, the ones I have in mind seem to have no other option: for them, writing is living, it’s really like breathing.
    Great painters are like that too. I can’t believe what they can make out of a few colors. The last tribe of magicians..

    I actually meant to ask you about Saudade. Is it something positive as well? does it trigger happy memories or is it more like nostalgia?..XXX

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