Photo 101: Home

First day of Photo101! It’d been too long since my last Blogging course, I had missed the energy of the virtual classroom.. So here I am again, camera all set, eager to learn with and from all of you fellow bloggers!

The theme of the day is Home. For an expat family,who has been living in dozens of countries (and still counting), this is a pretty challenging question…


Is home the country I was born and raised (France)? the continent my children call home (South East Asia)? Or the place where we’ll anchor next year (wish I already knew ..)?

Home is not so easy to define. The more I travel, the more I realize that it is not really about a place. It’s about its people, the ones who talk to your heart, the ones you can connect to easily, naturally. Amommasview asked me where I wish I could settle down for good. Good question dear, good question… Can you ask Santa to build our new family house in a peaceful country, not cold, with great colors and food, and moreover, surrounded by friends and with a direct flight to Paris, please? patches of nature here and there, cycling distance from work and schools. For the deco and the 24/7 ambiance, I have my favorite bunch of crazies 🙂 We really appreciate your kind assistance..

More about the meaning of Home for my multicultural kids right Here.


27 thoughts on “Photo 101: Home

    1. Just started, how come you re not there with us? ! I know you don’t need much tips, but we would definitely appreciate yours!
      This is the closer version of my home I could think of 🙂 glad you like it!

      1. haha.. it is not that I don’t need any tips anymore!! 😛 I didn’t know it was happening again. Also I am a bit busy with some other engagements.
        Phil has become your home! 😀

      2. We should, end of mission. Now the whole point is Where?… And what kind of job.. Total suspense ..(in clear: no clue so far 😛

      3. So far it’s stressing me to be really honest, then will come the time that something somewhere will transpire
        And excitement will take over! You know, it’s like fishing. So boring to wait for the fish to come.. But when you feel a bit of tension on the line
        … 😉

      4. Pretty hard nowadays to get a working visa for India,plus your beautiful country is so hot 😛 but I have such great memories of my years there !

      5. How about 38 as we chat ? True J&K is far colder … Hope it would be as peaceful as it deserves to be ..

    1. thanks 🙂 will answer to the rest of the questions: your award in a separate post. Have a nice day!

    1. As a perfect home must have great neighbors, you are most welcome! just tell me how you want your house painted 😉

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