The well deserved break of the Filippino biker

OFFSEASON. : a time of suspended or reduced activity; especially the time during which an athlete is not training or competing.


The tricycad or pedicab (tricycle) is a classic in the Philippines. It’s basically a customized bike, like a side car. In theory, they are made for made for 4 passengers. The reality is pretty different, as you’ll often find 4 … on each bench! Add the children on the laps. Plus an additional passenger just behind the driver.

A little road trip in the Philippines will make you realize how comfy (selfish?) we are when we travel in Occident…

See what I mean by athlete?


16 thoughts on “The well deserved break of the Filippino biker

    1. Heheheh, I hoped you would stopped by 🙂 He made me think of you, another kind of Athlete on a bike!

  1. My dear! What an interesting look into transportation in the Philippines! Yes, indeed these pedicab drivers have to be athletes, in order to pedal with passengers aboard and the heat/sun bearing down upon them!
    This gentleman definitely deserves a relaxing break!

    1. Now that the season is off, I rented a pedicab to travel around with the kids. It’s so convenient (stable) and I could not believe it was so cheap: 1 US dollar for the day! OK, I have to admit that this did not include proper brakes and direction, as we discovered a bit later. Even snails were faster than us this day 🙂 Have a lovely week my dearest XXX

  2. Fantastic image, sleeping on the job, suggesting off season because no one wakes him to take the cycle rickshaw. Wonderful colours too “jaillissants” in the Filipino sun.

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 Everything always look so much brighter and beautiful with a glimpse of sun, don’t you think? And in the Philippines, where we are blessed with almost 200 days of summer, we can’t really complain (although it is HOT!!)

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