Procrastinators peeps, can we stick to those 5 tips (as of … Right Now) ?


Why on Earth did I do this crazy thing? Perfect weather, perfect day, until…I checked the calendar.

The numbers shouted at me, so loud that I almost fainted: half of the year had already passed by!!!

How far did I go with expanding my network, working on my resumé and coming with a clear plan of action of where I want to be early next year? Ahem…Ahem… I procrastinate so much I’ll probably put off death and never die!

Truth is, there is much more to procrastination than just putting off tasks.

Did you know that 1 in 5 adults may be chronic procrastinators? Nothing to do with laziness; Truth is that this inaction is often caused by anxiety, fear of failure or negative perfectionism.

Can you relate to this definition? I can! (hardly) over 40, a career gap of almost 2 years, looking for a career path and not really sure where …


I have attended fabulous courses on Coursera, updated my Coms skills, met great people on line, feeling stimulated and intellectually (finally!) challenged. I even passed the certificates! But each time I connect to Linkedin, I feel this chest pain again. Everybody down there seems so proud, so “achieved”, so “fit for the race”. Instead of inspiring me, they are freaking me out. I feel like a tiny little fish in pond of sharks. So… I procrastinate. Again.

We should leave the Philippines next year and the louder the the clic clac of the departure, the less productive I become. I have been denying the stress for a long time, so my clever body found its way to stop me so I have to face the issue: a terrible sciatica!

Good point: it gave me time to think and come up with 5 tangible tips to hopefully really move forward. Former procrastinators, I need you to tell me if they worked for you:

1. Wake up earlier

It is sooo tempting to stay in bed when you don’t have a work schedule. But I noticed that I am much more efficient (and in a better mood) when I wake up a bit earlier. When the house is still very quiet, before the 0630 school rush. Don’t need to wake up too early, just save 30mn of calm. Best times of the day for a bit of yoga or meditation (those guided meditations for busy people are my favorite so far).

2. Effective time management

gettingstartedMeans being unavailable during working hours (working offline is compulsory for me, I am too easily distracted).

Schedule! did you know that the best performers usually work in 90′ sessions and not more than 4h a day? …

3. Commit to SMART assignments

The objectives must be Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Bound. In clear, set reasonable targets to measure achievements and to rebuild faith in your own abilities. Break the tasks down, so they are less daunting, and do the worse parts first.

4. Un-schedule

Develop a flexible schedule with only important tasks. I always find myself torn apart between focusing on work and not spending enough time with the kids. Here is the solution for me: keeping plenty of time for extra curriculum activities. 100% on the work at hand, and later 100% with the kids. I always told my bosses that I would never take my home at work. I would never take my work at home either. Be totally with the work at hand while at the office. Be totally with the kids at home. I worked wonders back then, should work now as well.

5. Enlist an accountability buddy

I actually never thought of doing it, but I guess it could be very motivating.

Who would you pick up? a mentor? a friend? your super significant other ?… Thanks so much for your tips and Cheers to productive and efficient week 😉


25 thoughts on “Procrastinators peeps, can we stick to those 5 tips (as of … Right Now) ?

  1. I have just recently started waking up earlier and my day feels so much less stressful when I have 30 minutes in the morning to drink my tea and read a book. I love the tips in this post!

    1. Thanks so much Alexandra! I ve been doing the same for a week now, and I realize that I m actually doing myself a favor. As you say, I feel less stress, probably because I am starting the day on a more quiet note. I even included a little bit of sport, just 15′ every morning with no intention to make it up to 60, and it helps… I had totally forgotten how good it feels to sip my tea in total silence 😉

      1. hehehehe, this is so me too 🙂 I am still in the process of getting used to waking up earlier! We can do it, we can do it!

    1. Exactly! I was filing a paper yesterday and when I had to write down the date, I totally freaked out. What?? June?? worse thing, it even happens when I am asked about my age. For some reasons I am stuck at 37 😛

    1. I just wish the ideal one would come to me, just like that, with a big smile and a big salary. At least now it’s raining again, there is not much to do. Plus the kids go to school all morning, so I just “have to”. If only intentions could pay off…

    1. hehehehe, I have so many my dear 🙂 But that would be a good idea though, a collective masterpiece on the Art of Procrastinating.. My kids are a pretty good source of inspiration too, I think my excuses are limitless . But you know you are not really helping here, are you ? ; ) XXX

    1. Today is the day I ll write a cover letter ! for a position in Belgium. I am trying to focus, not on their weather but on their chocolates only … 😛

  2. This is a great list and easily attained. Having been retired for 6 months (!) blogging has taken a lot of my time and I have been procrastinating on preparing a NEW course for Fall. Thanks for the kick in MY pants!! And you got this! And always, always leave room for leisure!!

    1. Love your message my dear 🙂 I am reorganizing my time, blogging in the morning and the work thing in the afternoon. I should do the opposite, start with eating my frog as Mark Twain said, but hey, at least I have a scheduled time for work. Wish all the potential employers were as sweet and encouraging as my blogging friends, would be so much easier to give them more time and attention 😉 X

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