Single Mums, you rock!

When I picked up the Attilas from school today, all the kids were hysterical. Unless you re living in under a rock, you can’t ignore what the whole mercantile world will celebrate this week end: Father’s Day!

Lots of the Attilas’ classmates are brought up by single Moms. There is notably one I meet every morning when we drop our kids at school. Her son is the typical beautiful Eurasian, green almond eyes, white skin and ebony hair. When I asked her where his Dad was from, she replied in an embarrassed smile : “From Australia M’am, but we never see him, he does not come to the Philippines“. Don’t need much imagination to figure out her story.

There is my friend C, who adopted 2 awesome little sisters when she lived in Africa. I can not even apprehend how she does it all totally by herself: super/working Mum, who still manages to squizz some yoga in her super tight schedule. Her daughters are super balanced, happy and they even do great at school! D, you too rock. You know who you are and how much I admire you 🙂 …..

To Maria and her peeps, to all the single Moms who are doing an amazing jobs at raising their kids on their own: Hats off to you Ladies!


6 thoughts on “Single Mums, you rock!

    1. I am totally admiring them! The hubby has been on a work assignment away from home for almost 2 weeks now. THe minute he’ll open the door again, I ‘ll run away like I am escaping Alcatraz! And I do adore my kids:P

    1. Those guys, single Moms or Dads, are doing such an amazing job! I can’t even apprehend the amount of stress, responsibility and sleepless nights!

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