My toddler’s words of wisdom on Father’s Day

My Attilas are down to earth and pragmatic. They take that from their Swiss Dad.

They are also pretty confident and to the point. Guess they got that from their French Mum.

They were in deep conversation about Fathers’ Day this afternoon, and I just overheard the conclusion drawn by my son. I must admit I admire his lucidity.

Out of the mouths of babies and sucklings come forth truth…


Still, we wish you a Happy Fathers’ Day, Mr Attila Sr!

Thanks for being such a sweet, caring and empowering Dad (not all of them would wake up to clear the vomit in the bed of their son in the middle of the night, or spend hours on building a tree house.  Not so many would listen so patiently to the everlasting stories of their daughter, and learn how to make the perfect pony tail ..)

Last but not least, Thanks for the genes that provided these crazy good looks! We love you 😉



16 thoughts on “My toddler’s words of wisdom on Father’s Day

    1. Miss you too dear! Ms Attila asked me today when we can go to BKK to play with Sophia again. You have to keep me posted, wouldn’t want to come all the way to see you packing.
      My son rocks 😉 XXX

  1. Estelea, This post made me smile big! Each member of the family made a wonderful contribution! Best to your husband, your children, and to you! PS: love the look of Mr. Attila and what he said … 🙂

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