Roy G. BIV loves candies !

To make sure you all have a sweet week … help yourself!

You can also pick some from this post on the French Bonbons.

My favorite are the ones on the top right, with honey. Not too sweet, just perfect for a daily use.

Under exceptional circumstances, I can’t resist the call of the Haribo “Fraises Tagada” – strawberry flavored gums.. (Exceptional meaning I am in Europe so I can basically find them in every supermarket).

How about you? what does your favorite candy taste like?

rainbowLove is sweet, take a treat 😉


14 thoughts on “Roy G. BIV loves candies !

  1. Lovely colorful photo! I love candy more than chocolate… I’m a gummy bear or red licorice kinda girl!!!

    1. I don’t even think I ever tried red licorice … I guess I have to ! 🙂 my fav bears are the ones made of marshmallow and chocolate… Perfect with an espresso! Happy Monday my dear xxx

  2. Hé bien moi, ma madeleine, c’était les feuilletés. Ce petit croustillant légèrement caramélisé est encore dans ma mémoire et mon palais en garde la trace.

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