Photo101: A pop of color

For today’s class, I decided to continue with light and POV as I shot color-as-subject. Impressive how a simple grenadine, with the “right”light, can transform itself.. I just changed my perspective, faced the sun coming through the window, and the grenadine became totally embedded to the acoustic guitar played in this café.

Wishing you all a peaceful week…



10 thoughts on “Photo101: A pop of color

  1. Dear Estelea, This is a wonderful shot! I love the light on the table and on the glass, the color of the grenadine (which is a beautiful French name!), its reflection, and your delicious writing! Thanks so much and I hope your week is going smoothly. Take care, my dear friend! 🙂

  2. Estelea! This is so cool! The photo gives off a very cool vibe…and grenadine is such an elegant drink…Beautiful pic. Brava!

    1. Grazie Mille 😉 the grenadine is the timeless classy drink indeed ;)) for every age! The mint one is so good too. Which syrup in yours?

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