Oups I did it again! This time with 2 toddlers!


I have been out of the Public Relations circus for 14 months now. No interview, nothing, not even a little off.

So when I was invited by Yulia from Tiny Expats to answer a few questions about my career path from a busy working schedule to a full time stay at home Mum… I could not resist the call! Dear audience, this is me again behind the mic, this time with my 2 Attilas 🙂

I loved the chance to share my experience as a (still new) stay at home Mum. Yes, I do cherish the privilege to spend real time with my toddlers. No, it’s not easy all the time to surrender to the “simple joys of motherhood” when you’ve had a passionating career for years. It takes time to relinquish the temperament of obsessive productivity and the habits to see the day as a big checklist. To stop managing our children and finally relax in their company.

But it is so worth it! We have a life time to work, but our children are only young once. I’ll get a couple of jobs when they’ll turn teenagers.. Carpe diem 😛


30 thoughts on “Oups I did it again! This time with 2 toddlers!

  1. Your outlook on life and career and parenting is so amazing and I love everything about this post, especially the last lines… My dear, you are a gem!

    1. Oh, you are really too kind 🙂 You re the best ego booster on the planet, I mean it! the gem is you X

    1. hehehe 🙂 Bah, I don’t need to be famous. Rich would do 😉 Just enough to be able to buy a few plane tickets whenever I feel like it . So I can ensure the hand delivery of the chocolate cake at your next tea party! Have a lovely Sunday my dearest XXX

      1. Lol that would be better indeed!!
        How about a private plane? I would get my cake much faster! Lol
        Your blessings for a good Sunday worked!!
        I send the most positive vibes back at you for a fantastic week!!
        Thanks my dearest!

  2. Dear Estelea, Excellent explanation and decision, as always! Investing on our children gives the highest yield. No question about that. Thanks much for your kind words for little Auden! You all take care. 🙂

    1. The best decision I ve taken so far 😉 THanks for the kind words dear Fabio, I wish you all a beautiful week !
      BTW, I linked your blog to my last post but it seems that the ping back is not functioning? .. do you mind checking if you go it?

      1. Hi Estelea, Please don’t worry, but when I click on my name, I am directed to Lucile De Godoy’s blog. It is the Brazilian thing LOL as we are both from that country. All the best and I will send my suggestion of camera. Take care, my dear friend, and hugs to you and to your beautiful family! 🙂

      2. Must be the Brazilian connection 😉 Thanks for telling me, I corrected right away and your name should link to YOUR blog now 🙂 XXX

      1. Be careful what you wish for ! I am already famous in the neighborhood (the mother of the loudest white kids in town…)

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