Awesome photographers, I need You to help me choose my new camera!


I put the blame totally (but not exclusively) on Lucile and her hyper talented friends from The Rehab Clinic, on Jithin, Amy, Cee, Jeremy, Fabio, Emma, Sylvain and all the awesome photographers of the blogosphere ! It’s all because of you!

It’s your fault if I became so obsessed with learning more about photography, and if I am so impatient in finally getting a real camera. I love my Iphone, but you guys really motivated me to look a bit beyond, develop my technics and explore …

My question to you experts: Which camera would you recommend for a beginner, eager to learn but not to the point of becoming a pro (gotta be realistic here, so not too many options please). I am constantly on the move, so I would need something light and that would not get too much attention (I love taking street photography, and would not want to raise too much attention by pulling out a big fancy camera).

I am all ears.. or eyes! Thanks so much for your precious advices, you are the best 🙂 Have a beautiful week!


35 thoughts on “Awesome photographers, I need You to help me choose my new camera!

  1. If you don’t buy a Canon, we will not have anymore further communications 😛
    Well if you are looking for DSLR, Soni got some sleek and slim mirrorless cameras. Soni alpha 7 is one I guess. I haven’t used it yet. But I heard it is good travel camera where you can interchange the lens too.
    And if you are looking for a compact camera with manual options there are plenty of options. Check with your budget and buy (preferably Canon 😛 ) In the market, there are compact cameras which costs more than my Dslr..

    1. Thanks a lot, Super Canon Man (in French, if you say “tu es canon”, it means “you are so awesome” !). Canon pops up all the time, especially the G7X.
      And as I don’t want to take the risk to break the Coms channel. Would be too bad to have the camera without the teacher, no?
      I am checking into it right away, thanks a lot!

      1. tu es canon! 😀 I think I have used G7x, but I am not sure. If what I used is the same, it is a decent camera with most of the manual functions of a dslr in compact cam.
        haha.. glad that you are scared 😛
        Let me know your final decision 🙂

      2. I have definitely narrowed my options. No DSLR for sure, too big for me, and imagine how discreet it would be in the local tuk tuk.. As if I were not discreet enough with two screaming Attilas 😉
        Canon G7X is indeed great, but I feel that the mirrorless could teach me more. (can you believe I did not know the meaning of mirrorless before you guys answered my post?).

        Some of them are so beautiful (I know, this should not be the main criteria, but hey, girls will be girls ;).
        I’ve had a crush for Sony A6000 but the Fuji come close second..
        If I go for Sony or Fuji, and I buy a Canon Sticker, would that do the trick? would you keep on sharing your tips? please?

      3. haha.. girls will be girls. And sticker wont work 😛
        But anyway as photography is not about cameras, I can still share a few tips 😛 But you will have to find out the settings and functions all by yourself 😉

      4. OK, deal! I promise to talk about you and your blog next time I ‘m invited at Oprah’s ! 😀

  2. I’m totally flattered to be mentioned here and in line with Jithin, Jeremy, and everyone else. I have used Canon EOS Rebel T3i for a few years. I only found out that the lenses can make a difference. I was told to get the Canon EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom Lens, I was happy with the improvements, especially the my flower shots. Shooting lying birds and those Canyon views are another story, and I use another set of camera and lens.
    Also, when I started using manual setting, Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO, I could tell the difference. I picked an online course. She gave me lessons through email and I do the assignments for six weeks, she then gave me the critics and feedback. But, she doesn’t do online teaching anymore…
    Sorry for the lengthy response, Estelea. Thank you for thought about my humble photos. 🙂
    Btw, you might want to go to their blogs to pose questions, it didn’t get linked to my blog.

    1. Thanks a lot Amy for the precious infos, your camera has indeed the best critics. The Canon EF 28-135mm is more than enough, for a beginner like me, I don’t think I would need any other lens, right?
      Will check on the others’ blogs, thanks for heads up. Have a beautiful week my dear 🙂

      1. I’m no expert, I began to learn a little more of using the manual setting and lens a year or so ago. I use the 28-135 all the time. I have another camera and lens for long distance shots and flying bird photos… I agree, the rest of the people on your list know the best. I have asked Jinthin regarding lenses, he was very helpful. 🙂

  3. Hi Estelea, thank you for the mention, I am very flattered 🙂 The iPhone has a good lens these days but it’s great that you’re feeling ready to take your photography to the next level. I guess you need something that gives you a bit more control over exposure, allowing you to pick the best settings to get the creative result you want rather than the camera picking the settings for you.
    I don’t have a vast experience of many cameras, but I’ve been shooting a Nikon D90 (sorry, Canon fans!) for many years and am very happy with it. I mostly shot on ‘Auto’ before but this camera (and various lenses I have acquired) has allowed me to learn so much about exposure (still lots to learn, though! Luckily I enjoy the process :)). The only thing about DSLRs, including the more entry level models, is that they are fairly big and tend to draw attention. They can also be on the heavy side and more cumbersome to carry around with you.
    Earlier this year I got a mirrorless camera – a Fuji X100T. It is fantastic – I have all the control I want in a much smaller, less obtrusive package. I carry this one around with me a lot. The X100T is fixed lens (35mm equivalent) but there are plenty of mirrorless camera options that are body only, allowing you to swap on different lenses (if you’re looking for something with more zoom capability). While I was researching which camera to buy, I found Fuji, Sony and Olympus all had very good offerings.
    Really hope that helps – take your time to find one that’s right for you. Let us know what happens!
    All the best (sorry for the long ramble), Emma.

    1. THanks a billion Emma for taking the time to give me all those precious infos! I do really appreciate 🙂 Can you believe I did not even know the difference between a DSLR and a mirrorless? I came a long way, that’s the least we can say..

      I have been browsing the net following all your advices and I already learnt so much. The FUJI is a real jewel, isn’t it? Sony is quite good too, maybe easier for a beginner like me?.. I also checked Olympus and I had no idea they were also scoring so well. I am finally getting a bit clearer with what I want, again big thanks for taking the time and keep on clicking, your pics are really awesome and we all know that the camera just adds technics, the inspiration comes from the eye of the photographer and you are really doing great!
      Have a sweet day

      1. You’re very welcome, Estelea! Sounds like you are narrowing down the search already, which is great! Thank you so much for the kind words – have a great day too!

  4. Hi Estelea, before selecting the brand and model, I think you should narrow down to “type of camera” first.

    a. Advanced compact camera. The Canon G7X is in this category. It’s a good upgrade for those who intend to get serious with photography & yet unsure whether that passion will last long enough to justify investing in camera & lenses. Imagine your daughter wants to learn piano, are you going to buy her a grand piano right now? It has lots of manual options for you to play with & therefore good enough for your learning process. Most importantly, the size is ideal for street or candid photography.

    b. dSLR. Most semi-pros & pros use these and you are unlikely to go wrong. I cannot comment because I do not own one. I started late in photography & actually skipped this breed of cameras, jumping straight to mirrorless.

    c. Mirrorless. This is the trend and this is the future (I think). You don’t debate about Canon vs Nikon here. The players are Sony, Fuji, Olympus. I think Cee has already switched happily to this category (Sony Alpha 7?). It is so much smaller & lighter. Furthermore, you don’t need a huge camera bag! The quality will match mid-level dSLR, but most people cannot tell the difference in quality anyway. I totally agree with Emma.

    1. Thanks so much Jeremy! this is exactly the briefing I needed, how could you even think for a second I was referring to another Jeremy? 🙂

      After all the browsing and reading, I definitely gave up on the DSLR option. Too big, too heavy, it will have a hard time finding room between the kids’ bags and mine when we travel..

      Mirrorless seems to be the best options as I could learn more about the lenses and maybe have more chances to develop my skills. Obviously as a more expensive price than the advanced compact camera… This Sony A6000 has great reviews too… I had no idea we could do great video with that too, I feel like I ve been living under a rock all those years..

      Thanks again so much Jeremy for being so very helpful! Have a grande day 🙂

  5. I am not an awesome photographer but I love to shoot anything. 🙂 Trying hard, maybe, but nonetheless, it is one of my passions. I have a Canon Rebel T3 for about 4 years now and I am still happy with it. I have two lenses, the kit lens and the 55-250 for telephoto. I admit it can be bulky and cumbersome (and so touristy) unlike our phones and I use it now when I am in “serious” photography mode. I still have a loooong way to go when it comes to taking pictures in the auto mode but that Photo 101 class did help a lot. Anyhow, just my two cents. Good luck!!!

    1. Salamat very much dear 🙂 Your comments are super appreciated (your pict are awesome, but you know that already!).
      I think I am heading towards a mirrorless (I am so proud to use a totally new word that makes me sound like a pro).. And you are so right about the class, I also put the blame on them, I felt so limited with my little phone, this course is so inspiring!

      Thanks again dear, big hug from Cebu 🙂

      1. As usual, such sweet words coming from you, my semi-Bisaya friend. 🙂 Let me know or let us know once you get the mirrorless cam and tell us all about it. Not to mention, I’ve enjoyed looking at your Photo 101 posts. Thanks for the hugs from Cebu! 🙂

  6. As i said to you last time, i think that sony Alpha 6000 i s a good compromise… It’s light and powerful in a real affordable budget.

    of course you can do better choice in the sony alpha 7 or alpha 7 II, but it’s not the same price

    i think i’m objective cos i’m on canon 5d Mark III
    and sometimes i think to switch with these cameras

    have a nice day

    1. THanks a lot! Sony 6000 definitely seems the best option. Thanks for reposting here too, now I have all my fav photographers on the same post 🙂
      Encore merci !

      1. I’m proud to give you the good advice for the model…
        I’m proud to be mentioned as awesome photographer

        mais je suis aussi “canon”

        that’s why sony a6000 is very objective advice…

        et surtout fais de belles images sans te poser de questions

      2. Encore merci! J’adore la 3ème phrase, So Frenchy ;)) belle journée à toi !

  7. Hi Estela, I finally found your post. Apologies for not having seen it before. I’m honored with the inclusion of my name although I’m just an amateur.
    I read that you got excellent advice here.
    I have a Olympus mirrorless E-M10. Perfect size and weight. My husband has a Olympus E-M1 but it is heavier and bulkier. It does t make a difference. The difference is made with the lens you use. I have olympus lenses. Fantastic too.
    I love portraits so I have a 45mm with 1.8 aperture – equivalent to 90mm
    I have a macro 60mm with aperture 2.8 – equivalent to 120mm
    I have a 14-42 mm (28-84mm) aperture 3.5 – 5.6. I wouldn’t recommend this lens.
    I use the one of my husband which is much better.
    If you go for mirrorless, you are well served with Olympus, Fuji and Sony.
    Hope to have helped.

    1. Thanks so much my dear 🙂 You know you have a place of honor in my fav Photographers Hall of Fame ! I really appreciate all your precious advices and will make good use of them. Mirrorless are definitely my category now that I know what it means 😉 XXX

  8. Hvae you picked a camera yet? I recently changed from Canon DSLR (I’ve had two different types) to an Olympus E-m5II mirrorless.
    I shoot a lot more now, because the camera is with me more often. The DSLR’s are heavy and often tend to stay home alone…

    1. Yes I finally went for the Sony A6000. Hard time making up my mind, but you have far less options in Cebu than in Thailand, which made it all faster actually ! Amazing what you can do with such a little camera, it is like a little computer. DSLR was far too heavy and I never felt like taking it to do street photo here. Are you happy with your mirrorless?

      1. The Sony A6000 seems like a great camera. Congratulations on the new camera.
        So far I’m happy with my Olympus, but I haven’t had the time/opportunity to try it out in all the different scenarios that I’d like to yet…

      2. Looking forward to admiring your pic ! At least the size is so convenient that you can take it anywhere, no excuse 🙂

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