Photo101: treasures and close up

Close up on my treasures, Mr and Ms Attila:


When you travel to Asia with toddlers, you feel like you are escorting rock stars: anywhere you go, your kids are greeted with “ohhh!!! so cute!!!” “ohhhh, hello handsome, how old are you?”. “ohhh, beautiful long lashes, ohhh skin so white!” All camera flashes on them, every teenager wants their selfie with them. My daughter does not care much anymore, she is so used to it that I think she finds it totally normal. She graces Asia with her smiles and when she’s not in the mood, she would simply say “no thanks, not today, maybe later“.

My son has a hard time with fame. He hates the mere feeling of being “forced” into doing something. That’s the typical face you’ll get every time you are asking for a smile. Especially when it implies a kiss or a hug. “I am not playing hard to get, people! I am playing I don’t want you!” That’s my boy, said the very proud Italian mama 😉


16 thoughts on “Photo101: treasures and close up

    1. Thanks so much for your very kind words. Whenever I think treasures, they pop up 😀 Have a lovely day, many blessings from this side of the world

  1. Great catch of that look of his! You can tell he is subject to this type of loving from his sister on a regular basis. The rings tell even more of their shared story. Super cute.

    1. hehehe, exactly! he is definitely used to it, when it s not her, it’s me, poor thing 😉 THanks for your very kind words my dear, have a lovely week X

    1. Heartfelt Thanks Maggie! They are as loud as great, and they are SUPER great 😉 have a lovely day!

  2. They are so authentic! They are so precious! Do I have to say that they are chips off the old block? You and your family have a GREAT weekend, dear Estelea! 🙂

    1. Thanks so very much my dear ! We are all set for the week end, pashminas and gum boots. Feels so good to finally have decent temperatures… It’s pouring but this feels like home in Sept 🙂 have a Supergrear one my dear

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