Photo101: glass, squared (and set for the terrace!)

The challenge is to incorporate glass in today’s image: a window, a mirror, a wine glass, sunglasses, or something else. It doesn’t matter what form the glass takes. 

How about the must have accessory in the must visit capital? Summer calling!

sunglassesWhat do your favorite shades look like? dark and classy or the shiniest the best ?..


29 thoughts on “Photo101: glass, squared (and set for the terrace!)

    1. I’d rather go for dark and classy too, but I must admit I got a pair of shiny Ray Ban last time we went skying . I had no idea it would be so hard to dress up and make up accordingly. I felt like a Xmas tree! So I only wear them when I wear black and no lipstick. Like a movie star on a day off 😉
      I really like the ones you re wearing on your profile pic btw 🙂

      1. Yeah, it’s difficult to find a balance between clothes and glasses. Thank you for recognizing my glasses in my profile pic, you are very attentive! I also like them very much, I do feel like a star in them, when I tried them in a shop I knew they should be mine!

  1. Very cool pic! Love the purple mirrored glasses. I must admit that my sunglasses are black Ray Ban classic type though I appreciate the cool mirrored ones!

    1. Thanks a lot my dear 🙂 I love the purple ones too! Actually I took this pic and thought about coming back to the shop during the week. Too bad, they did not wait for me!
      Mine are pretty classical too, brown. I like to believe they are super classy therefore … I am 😛 obviously !

      1. You are a super classy lady and your sunglasses fit you my dearest:)))

  2. Dark and cheap for me! After sitting on or otherwise losing or damaging too many nice pairs, I now buy my sunglasses at a drugstore for about $15. Classy, huh?

    1. Hehehe, I love that ! That’s what I call a very honest answer 🙂 tell you what dear, you don’t need the classy ones to look classy anyway !

    1. Like a star 🙂 those ones made me think of your awesome close up of the purple crayon . Almost the exact same color

  3. Ah, this photo is SO creative and SO beautiful. You caught the reflection of those buildings so perfectly, Estela.

    In terms of my own favorite pair…I don’t have many things designer, but I DO have a pair of Versace sunglasses THAT I got last summer. They are brown and sleek and so unbelievably comfortable…and I only fear that I will lose or break them one day, as I seem to have a habit of doing with all of my sunglasses.

    1. Thank you my dear 🙂 I love the comfy ones too, especially for South East Asia where the sun is so bright! A great pair of shades is a definitely the best present you can do to your eyes here.. Well, you’ll see by yourself soon enough 😉

    1. You’ll love it, it’s the most beautiful country of the world (being very totally objective here, of course 😉

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