Soften the edges, boost the colors here and there


Today’s prompt woke  my magic brushes up: I had the power to go back in time to an event I think could have played out differently for me. Time to let alternate history have its moment..

I recalled this road accident. What if I had decided not to take this night bus? what if I had stayed in Brazil a few more days instead of rushing it to Argentina? I would still be able to run marathons, I would have became an athlete, legs insured at the Lloyd’s, the Nike’s icon of the decade?

But I fell.

When you wake up all broken bones in a foreign country, not even remembering your name, surrounded by worried faces, you learn. You learn that you are terribly fragile, that you can break in seconds. You learn to trust people you never met before. You learn to believe in yourself and discover that you are stronger than you thought. You learn to be patient and team with your body. You learn to become thankful. You learn that it is true, “all you need is love. Love is all you need”.

Will I revisit history? not sure. This long journey made me discover my family. The patience of my mother, her stamina and her unconditional faith in my recovery. My little brother was still a kid, but he was there nonetheless, in his own ways, with his drawings and his cookies. I learnt to radically cut my crap and always chose only what really matters to Me. I’ll never be an athlete and I couldn’t care less. I hate competition anyway and I love too many things to stay focus too long on a single one 😉


36 thoughts on “Soften the edges, boost the colors here and there

  1. This reminds me of something my sister said recently. She said if we all put our troubles or bad past moves in a bag and could reach in and choose any others to take out instead, we would probably still choose our own mistakes or problems! Even the bad stuff is OUR stuff, and that’s what makes our lives ours.

    1. Exactly! When I first read the prompt, I was excited by the power I would gain. Then I quickly realized that no, I wouldn’t change a thing. All the colors, bumps and smiles have shaped us the way we are now. And we are pretty awesome aren’t we ? 😉

    1. I tend to think that too 🙂 I feel that this episode made me stronger at the end of the day and made me appreciate the values of every little things. I don’t feel any limits, to me being healthy and loved by the people I love most are the most important things ever. Those are the most precious blessings ever, aren’t they?

  2. It is so wonderful to accept our fates. Who knows (except God) how we will end up when it is all said and done? I think we end up on the path we were meant to be on. And look at the wisdom this path has given you. thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks dear for your precious comments. When I think of me at this time of my life, I was so into my career and self centered. Maybe it happened for me to stop for a while, literally?.. I stopped for a while, but I saved time. In all my years in the field with the ICRC, with people who had endured much more than I ever will, I realized that it’s not the money that matters. It’s the attention, the respect. When you are/feel down, nothing can beat a big hug 🙂

  3. Dear Stephanie, it’s good that you are able to talk about things bother you, you may even feel better and let your life goes on. Things happen in life and we cannot omit them or avoid, sooner or later they will catch us. I do not know but I believe that everything has a purpose, even bad things have a reason…

    1. To me, it’s all about how you choose to apprehend things. When I was in this hospital in Brazil, I met the sweetest and funniest people ever. They helped me tremendously, with their easy and very sincere ways. I guess this episode had a very positive influence at the end of the day; It made me want to give back, hence all those years in the field with the Red Cross maybe … 🙂

  4. Your post reminded me of when I fell and broke my femur many years ago. What if I hadn’t rushed back into the shopping mall to buy my mom a Mother’s Day gift? What if I hadn’t been wearing my pink shoes with the slippery soles? What if that sharp curb edge had not connected with my hip? I believe all of our life experiences add up to making us the person we are today. We can’t go back and redo, so we just have to learn and move forward. 🙂

    1. Perfectly said ! Brilliantly put my dear 🙂 we need to move forward .. With non slippery shoes preferably !

  5. You had an accident with broken bones? Sheesh! Never knew. All those kinks have made you perfect. Couldn’t find a flaw if I wanted to, woman! Ok…maybe a tad crazy and weird. Sometimes.:p Stay away from those heels and slippery shoes!! 😉 Xxx.

    1. If I weren’t a bit tad crazy and weird, how would you have loved me in the first place? 😉 Just bought myself an awesome pair of Free Nike, no worries X

    1. Thanks dear. I did not know which one to buy, so I clicked instead ! Now I can have them all … on a pic at least. You find pure gems in Seoul’s flea markets..XXX

    1. Thanks a lot ! I loved your take on the daily post too.. and you wanting to be J. Steward in Life is Wonderful really made me smile, I love the idea;)

      1. In the course of my studies, I had to ask several people related to me in a professional or personal way to write about a time I was at my best. I had to ask 7 people and I was pretty shy in doing it, but I did as it was compulsory. You should try it some day, I can guarantee it will cheer you up. They will come with anecdotes and stories you did not even remember 😉 What a moral booster it was 😀

      2. It was actually a class I did on coursera called “inspiring leadership through emotional intelligence “. A great one on management .

  6. Estelea, I read this post with my mouth wide open in shock…I had no idea about your accident and injuries…The severity of your injuries and the fact that you came out of it with even more love, faith, strength and self-discovery! You are an amazing woman! I always knew that from the words you’ve written in your blog and the photos you take…but now, after reading this post, I have even MORE admiration for you…Love is all you need, indeed!
    Sending much joy and friendship,

    1. Heartfelt thanks my dear friends:) It was a long time ago, and thanks god I am all fixed now 😉 Well, I am not running marathons on roads but try me at shopping!

      The whole lesson I got is to always look up, make sure you are surrounded by positive and loving people, and go for it!

      Sometimes when I feel like complaining for nothing (I am French you know, it’s in my DNA!) I remember that I am in good health, I am surrounded with the people I love most so I have no excuse ! I am going to finish this damned cover letter today and we’ll meet up in NYC some day!!!
      Lots of love, and have a greatissimo Week end my precious friend 🙂

      1. My dearest! You are SUCH a positive, loving and optimistic person and every word you write literally jumps from my computer screen with happiness!
        Yes, yes, finish your cover letter today, type that last line and send it off to the reader :-)))
        We will party/shop/eat/dance in NYC when you come…The Big Apple will never have seen the likes of us!
        Much love for a greatissimo weekend! I love this new word…

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