How I am surviving the “Not Complaining Challenge”

I had decided to celebrate “Bastille Day” in the most unusual and challenging way. At least for a Parisian:


Then my computer crashed. In the Cebu, it means waiting for 2 months to finally get a new Mac. Unless you go for the very expensive one .. 8 weeks without a computer!!! I can’t even figure it out. 

Then internet went down at home. No way to connect with my phone either. In Cebu, it means “wait M’am”. You have no idea when it will get fixed. 

It had to happen this week, the one I’m supposed to send my applications. I can’t open my word docs, I have to do it all over again. Cheers to inspiring Mondays …

Giving up on the challenge was SO tempting !

But I am still on it and it’s actually easier than expected. 

As most things in life, it’s all a question of perspective : If you have the time to whine and complain, then you have time to do something about it. 


I have told each and everyone about my ambition for the week, and warned them that they were not allowed to complain/criticize in my company. I have the fam and friends on board and there’s definitely something warmer and softer in the air. Try it now, thank me later 😉

With so much time at hand, I have enrolled in new yoga classes and even started studying the notice of my new camera and started teaching my daughter how to use her camera. We had a hilarious photoshoot with her bro, just wait and see .. 

The biggest reward so far : realizing that if I look for something to criticize, I’ll always find it. But if I look for something to compliment, I’ll find that too. My choice. 

So till we meet again, fellow bloggers friends, I m going to take pictures of flowers today! Have a lovely one xxx


13 thoughts on “How I am surviving the “Not Complaining Challenge”

    1. Thanks so much dearest 🙂 at least there’s some network in this café. Funny how we feel stranded without the technology.. Off to get the kids at school, have a sweet day ☀️

      1. Thanks so much, dear Estelea! Yes, we are so dependent now! We read newspapers, listen to music, appreciate art, talk to our family and friends, and do almost everything on the computer. Hope you get yours up and running as soon as possible. You too have a sweet day! Smiles to you and to your precious jewels!

  1. Looking forward to seeing pictures about flowers! Can’t wait it! You are doing well, HUGE good luck for everything, you will do it!

    1. Thanks so much 🙂 can’t wait to have a decent connection to watch your squirel story !!! My flowers are not as glamourous as yours yet, to say the least ! I changed the focus … On my kids;) have a beautiful week my dear

  2. There you go! But really, sorry that your techie stuff decided to die on you in Cebu. I know how that is. If only everybody will practice that – stop complaining – then the world will be a much better place. 🙂 So you got that new mirrorless cam? Cool! I can’t wait to see your pics.

    1. At least I discovered a great team of Mac tech! You would never ever believe how much they charged me in a regular istore to check on my comp. those kids rock! Plus I ve been so lucky to find the last little Mac of the island. I was so grateful that they offered to instal the Mac office for free. How sweet is that? Yes, things are not as easy as in Europe sometimes . But if you’re patient and well tempered, they work out for the best, smiles included 🙂
      I still need to understand my New camera but the relationship looks super promising … Xxx

  3. Look forward to seeing the pictures Elstelia. The photo shoot sounds like fun. Every cloud has a silver lining and it looks like you found the lining 🙂

  4. Dearest Estelea,
    First of all, happy belated Bastille Day! I was walking the streets of NYC yesterday when I heard lots of fun music and cheering coming from a local French bistro…They had set up a Boules court right outside the restaurant and these real Frenchmen were playing and joyfully yelling in French to one another as they threw the ball in the sand…I swear it felt as if I were walking in Nice or Paris or somewhere in France!
    About your Not Complaining Challenge in light of all that went on with your computer/internet etc…My hat off to you for keeping your cool and keeping your promise not to complain! Hang tight, my friend…I can imagine it’s frustrating because you wanted to send out applications but you are keeping a great and optimistic attitude about the whole thing and it’ll come back to pay you royally in the end :-))
    I love the idea of this challenge…I am complaining about the heat recently and sure enough, it’ll be winter and freezing again..So this idea of not complaining is coming at a perfect time.
    Have fun with your new yoga class and camera time! And oh, I can’t wait to see your daughter’s photo shoot pics!
    Much love to you my friend,

    1. Waou, it’s been decades since I ve played “petanque”. I would have loved to play in this bar, Petanque à New York could be the title of a Julie Delpy’s movie 🙂
      Believe it or not, I m still on the challenge. It s amazing to see how many doors open when you don’t focus on a single one. I had the big surprise to find The shop on the island that miraculously had 1 Mac. Then a friend of the seller offered to instal mac office for free! Ok, still no internet at home and a very limited access in Bantayan. But I m getting to understand (most) of my camera and last but definitely not least spend so much more quality time with the kids.
      We ve been blessed with a beautiful weather those last days, the yoga kicked out the sciatica… Carpe Diem

      1. Oh what an even cooler name “petanque”! Love it…and yes, that would be a great title for a movie!
        I’m glad it worked out about your Mac but I’m sorry no internet yet…as you say, you have time now to take lovely photos and spend more quality time with your adorable kids!
        I’m glad the weather is nice 🙂 Here it’s super duper hot but hey, I swear I am not complaining because it’ll be snowing soon enough.
        Oh, I’m sorry you had sciatica (it’s terrible!) but I’m glad yoga knocked it out!
        Sending you many, many, many hugs across the miles,

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