Be The ONE !


ONE tree can start a Forest

ONE smile can begin a Friendship

ONE hand can lift a Soul

ONE word can frame the Goal

ONE candle can wipe out darkness

ONE laugh can conquer Gloom

ONE hope can raise your Spirits

ONE touch can show you Care

ONE life can make a Difference

Be That ONE today !

Wishing you all the most fulfilling week 🙂

(I found this beautiful text on Pinterest, if anyone knows the author, I would gladly credit him/her right away)

26 thoughts on “Be The ONE !

    1. I was thinking of it last week, after this little Cebuano kid got himself and his fam out of misery thanks to the power of a single pic that went viral. The power of 1 amateur photographer passing by …

      1. Do you mean that boy who was studying by the light of a McDonalds? Yes, that’s a very good example! And I do hope the boy and his mother will be able to put everything they’ve received to good use. I saw in one news report that some of their relatives/friends have begun asking them for money. I really hope they make it. That kid is inspiring.

      2. Yes this one ! Hope they will have the best kind of financial advisors indeed …

    1. Thanks! I’ve been lucky on this one. Nothing was planned, Ms Attila was proudly wearing her new costume when we passed by this wall .. Et voilà 😉

  1. What an inspiring post to start the week off right! Indeed, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step so ONE is the best place to begin 🙂
    Your daughter is adorable and her energy literally jumps off my computer screen! Thank you for transmitting joy!!!

    1. 🙂 love to read your comments in the morning, coffee in hand. You know how to put a big smile on my face ! Have a shiny sparkly day x

      1. I’m so glad!! It’s dinner time here:) I love time zones :))) enjoy your coffee!!

      2. I had coffee with your Mum Parmiggiana this morning. I had to skip the red wine though it was a bit too early ;P

      3. I thought of you when I posted that pic ! She’s trying to cut down on fats so baked the eggplant instead:) it was yummy but fried is always the best:) And yes , red wine is better for lunchtime viewing:)) good night from NYC !

    1. Thanks dear 😉 I think the outfit really inspired her, she was the most cooperative model this day. Hugs from super shiny Bantayan!

    1. Thank you 😉 I totally felt in love with this poem too, it really talked to my heart. And for the pic , I guess the clothes really make the (wo)man, I love her energy (most of the time). Have a sweet day dear

  2. Nice capture! She really is one bubblicious little girl! Have a great week ahead. 🙂

    1. Stars everywhere, even David’s one 😉 all your precious stars included too ! Have a beautiful day, already looking forward to your Friday’s post! Ms Attila is always asking if there is a new pic of Auden, he has a fan club here too!

    1. We sometimes have no idea of the impact of a little gesture, a positive attitude .. Let’s start the week by being the one 🙂

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