Happy Birthday Mr Attila !

Mr Attilaage3 No love declaration in this post, I love this little man far too much for that. I just hope I am not getting old as fast as he is growing up, so I am still the only one he wants to marry (for a few more years at least!)

Motherhood comes with its massive share of fears and anxieties. But I never knew how much my heart could hold until my Attilas called me Maman. I guess it ‘s a package. My kids are my energy or how would you explain that when all I want is time alone, I miss them as soon as I get it? I know, I know, I should learn to relax and meditate… Later! I am far too busy kissing those big chicks and playing soccer for now…

Happy Birthday Mon Amour,  jusqu’a 120 ans !


27 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mr Attila !

  1. THIS IS THE MOST JOYOUS, LOVING, SWEET, CARING, EMOTIONALLY-BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY CARD TO YOUR ADORABLE SON! Forgive the capital letters since they are known to represent “screaming” but I’m screaming in a good way because there is so much joy, energy and happiness in your post today about your son’s birthday that I couldn’t resist but to write in ALL CAPS!
    What a dapper gentleman in this photo, by the way!
    Happy Birthday Mr. Attila and may you enjoy many, many, many more!
    Much love from your Auntie Lia in New York!

    1. HEARTFELT THANKS CARISSIMA !!! Today I interviewed an Indian chef in NYC for a future post, and realised that I was a day ahead. So awkward 😛
      Hope you’ll soon share some of your delicious recipes with us so I can interview another GREATISSIMO chef, the best Italo US in town I am sure! You guys almost make me see my kitchen as a friendly place full of potential 😉

      1. My dearest! Oh, that interview with the chef in NYC sounds amazing! I’m so curious to read more about this interview and who the chef is and all about it! Look forward to your post!
        Ahhh, you shower me with compliments 🙂 Thank you! You can interview me anytime, live from my kitchen!
        Sending much love and joy on this Thursday, and always!

    2. I am interjecting in this comment thread BECAUSE I LOVE THIS COMMENT!
      I firmly believe all caps are necessary sometimes. Just ask my friends. I text in all caps quite frequently when I am over excited/very enthused about something.

      1. Omg Britta:)) you can jump in any time!:))) thank you ! I was blown away by Estelea’s post and the joy in her words … All caps seemed like the natural thing to do!
        Much love to you both:))

  2. Tu es la meilleure des mamans! Et tes gentils “Huns” sont et seront les plus heureux enfants de la planète tant l’amour que tu leur porte t’illumine et les fait resplendir.
    Que cela dure encore longtemps……un siècle? Et même au delà, j’en suis persuadée. Bon anniversaire Leandre adoré, et tendresse à ta jolie et aimante maman.♡♡♡♡♡♡

    1. Un bon siècle c’est sur 🙂 Leandre et sa soeur me demandent quand tu les gracieras de ta presence.. Bon la tu as de la chance il pleut des cordes, ca nous laisse un peu de temps… Des milliers de bisous a l plus cool et canon des mamans du monde

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