From the most pragmatic guy in town

Cebu has been inundated with Korean cafes. The decoration is simplistic: write whatever you want on a post it and leave your (almost) eternal print on a wall. When the post are not invitations to follow another stranger on IG, Facebook and twitter, they are the cheesiest love quotes and declarations. One guy finally got it right. Back to basics:


Wishing you all a happy week 😉

12 thoughts on “From the most pragmatic guy in town

    1. 😉 if you are craving for sugar,dressing up with big googles and hugging big teddy bears while taking endless selfies, Korean Cafes are made for you. They have the best honey bread ever though!

      1. Oh, I am really glad to know that your internet works well now! Looking forward to seeing you and your posts! Thank you so much for your kind words!

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