Happy Monday from the Philippines!

nothing but blue skies

Yes the Swiss mountains are great. But how about Filipino beaches? ocean breeze, salty air, sun kissed air, endless summer, sugar beach … coconut juice anyone?

Wishing you all a warm and cosy week 🙂


20 thoughts on “Happy Monday from the Philippines!

  1. I think I can agree with you, although I have never been neither to Switzerland, nor to Philippines! However, I do trust you…A very colorful picture and so summer-positive type! Wish you too a nice and lovely week with many sweet moments! By the way, how’s the weather there? Isn’t it hot?

    1. You can trust me on this one 😉 it is hot but bearable (because the rainy season has started !). But the only time I ever wore a pull over here is when we had diners in resto. The aircon is to the “freezing” mode. It was the same in Thailand actually . You are most welcome to visit and appreciate by yourself 🙂 wish you a beautiful week my dear !

      1. Couldn’t agree more! “Arctic Blast” to the point you have to wear a pull over when it is burning hot outside. Entering a 7/11 is a trip to Iceland, from the moment the doors open. It is extreme indeed, such a waste of energy..

      2. It comes from projecting a sense of wealth to people. The same way that Europeans overheat their homes in Winter to show that they had the money to afford the huge heating oil bills.
        People are always trying to impress each other, usually at their detriment.

      3. Such a shame . Costs a lot in energy and doc bills! How many times did we blame the AC for our cold? You re probably right, I never saw it as a way to express its wealth but yes it does make lots of sense!

    1. but you would miss the great Italian food and coffees! Unless you can make them, then it would indeed be total paradise 😛

      1. It’s funny you say that. While I was in Thailand the thing I missed the most was the food (ok, after my bf) but a trip back to Europe every few months can solve the problem.

  2. beautiful blues! you’re making me miss my florida beaches now. (although the beaches back home are certainly prettier than florida’s)

    1. And they are less touristic, still :)Those last weeks, we ‘ve had much more rains than days like this one though..

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