Inspiring Monday: The kid got it right (again)


Among the precious teachings of my Zen Masters Resident is the everlasting “Why not?

Those two words used to irritate me so much (especially at the end of a long day); Until I realised how meaningful they actually are; Only dead fish go with the flow, why should we always go the most traveled roads? So I have started asking myself “why not?” much more often. My Attilas and friends appreciate the change; When I decided to cut my hair, I showed a picture of “the expected result” to the hairdresser. His first question was “why so short?”. I smiled at him and simply replied “why not?”. He smiled back and he cut. Lucky me, we were both happy with the results. A bit of challenge always feels good 😉

I am not as present in the blogosphere as I used to be. Our end of mission in the Philippines is looming. We are still here for a few months, but times flies, so it’s about time to figure out the where and what next. The angst finally let place to the excitement and the eagerness to explore another direction.. I never imagined there could be so many options before I finally started to wonder “why not” ? …


32 thoughts on “Inspiring Monday: The kid got it right (again)

  1. fantastic!

    I am sure the personal “why not” is as important as the “why” asked by kids… especially when “because that’s the way we do it” or “this is how it has always been” might be the very tempting first choice of an answer. Let’s keep using our own brains and rely on our stomachs instead of simply following the masses.

    And good luck with your search and choice of a new location!!

    1. Thanks a lot Hubert 🙂 You are so right, we should definitely rely more on our guts feelings and on what our heart tells us instead of always listening to the brain. It takes more time to practice and even more to train our kids to do the same, but I am sure it is very rewarding. Warm greetings from the Philippines (in between typhoons)

    1. Let’s say I gave up on fantasising on Europe and in the same time holding on super tight to Asia. I finally let it all go, the wishes, the anxiety, the frustration and let’s see what comes out.
      I spent the last 15 years abroad, and at the end of the day, I remember more about the people than the places. There was no sandy beach let alone good resto in Liberia, yet I loved the years I spent there.
      I am eager to get moving, as a friend of mine diagnosed, I got the Cabin Fever again.

  2. Dear Stephanie, your thoughts are so actual as always. I always ask myself the same and still did not find the answer “why not”. I am in search yet, but your example encourages me! I hope your new location will be as interesting as current one! Good luck!

    1. Thanks so much dear, I could feel we are on the same page from a recent post of yours 🙂 Lets see it all as great opportunities to get growing and learning, it is pretty exciting isn’t it? who knows, we ll may end up in the same continent and it would be less frustrating for me to dwell into your beautiful posts, as I ll have all those flowers in my garden 🙂 X

      1. It’s true and very exciting, indeed! I am sure you will have a garden even with more beautiful flowers and you should promise me to share photos about them! Wish you a magical day!

  3. Indeed, “why not?” is great advice… I need some more why nots in my life!
    I can imagine this is a busy and emotional time for you and your family with the thoughts of leaving the Philipines… I’m thinking of you!!!
    Sending much joy and friendship,

    1. Dearest ! As usual, your words are so very right, it is a busy and emotional time, but when you realise how blessed you are to keep on moving it becomes a happy time 🙂 Thanks so much for the massive dose and joy and friendship, I cant get enough of them! Warm virtual hug from sunny Bantayan 🙂

      1. Your words here too are warming and full of energy and friendship! How lucky I am to have met you in the blogosphere!
        Happy Wednesday my dear (and good night from NY!)

    1. No worries dear, we are still here at least till Feb 🙂 Between Cebu and Bantayan, we should find the time to meet up at some stage, unless we meet up in Paris for a real coffee or in Italy for the best pasta?… X!

      1. 😀 😀 😀 heu … Just found out we are here for another year! We ll definitely meet in 4D in the Philippines !!!

  4. I feel your angst and excitement … we are in the throes of a change also, and we don’t know where it will take us. Your options are probably wider, but we have been rooted here for a while now, so breaking loose will be tougher. I’m ready and am trying so hard to think “why not?” about everything, but it’s hard! And I love your photo and the “Why not?” theme – I am going to make it my mantra in coming months and picture your sweet daughter reminding me that there’s no right way!

    1. Your message touched me so much, you said in a few words all what’s been on my mind for so long (although it is not the first time I have the feeling you can decipher me 😉 )

      I hadn’t realised I was so clingy on this place/this continent/even the kids’ school until I started having repeating sciatica. Each time I read a job offer that could potentially take us “far”, I felt torn apart and felt the pain in my hip. Part of me wanted to get out of there so bad, but the scared one (the smallest part but definitely the loudest one) was holding me back.
      Hence the vital need to really break loose. Holding too tight is not good for my health 😉
      Plus aren’t we lucky to be able to change, with the ones we love? Are you planning to head to more heat, finally?

      1. Ahh, you are kind … yes, we do understand each other because although miles and years apart, we seem to be kindred spirits in many respects! I wrote something recently (not posted publicly at this point!) about how I can get so attached to a place/person/thing and then suddenly want to escape/move/change my life, and then back again and again like a pendulum! It’s a very strange dichotomy in my personality and hard to deal with at times. I am definitely hoping for more warmth in my next move, but there are so many factors to weigh, and I might – yet AGAIN – choose job content, family, etc. over weather! Good luck to you as you ponder the future …!

      2. THanks 🙂 Now I am very curious, looking forward to reading this post..I too feel the need to run away from what I love sometimes, strange feeling of being “imprisoned” and set myself free from too much feeling. Detachment is a beautiful theory, but you got to be a monk living a recluse temple to excel at it 🙂
        Cheers to new adventures! Best of luck to you too..

    1. Thanks a lot ! Great news to wake up to, will check it out asap 🙂 Bonne journee et plein de soleil des Philippines!

    1. Thanks Amy! Hope we are getting closer to the beautiful landscapes you are so beautifully sharing with us. Well, if not I am so happy to follow you, I’ll never get tired of all your pics 🙂

      1. That is so sweet of you, Estelea! I forgot to let you know that I really like the photo you took of your daughter. The kid got it right! 🙂

  5. Yeah, I have always learned to say “why not?” Taking the road less travelled always raises a lot of questions from well meaning people (and sometimes even the plain nosy ones!) but we are who we are. There is no denying it. Wherever your road leads you next, may it bring you much love and laughter and delightful little discoveries with your precious kiddos! I wish I could have met you in Cebu. But who knows, right? 😉

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂 as long as we travel with open eyes and heart, I believe we meet people like us on those less traveled roads . I read a great quote yesterday about the kind of people that would try to discourage/prevent you from following your heart “even if you walked on water, they ll say it’s because you can’t swim”. Loved it 😉 xxx

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