19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: what I mean by “I need a quiet spot”

    1. Bantayan island is such a gem! plus at this time of year, it is just “hot” not “burning hot” (or maybe I got totally used to it ?:P ) will post a little gallery tomorrow, stay tuned X

      1. Oh I’m glad it’s not so hot now! I’m looking forward to seeing your gallery! Happy Thursday 🙂

  1. How many times do you go to Bantayan? Sounds like you left your heart there. 😉 Have you been to Camotes? Heard its magical.

    1. A week a month, hubby is based there. This week has been splendid, just perfectly windy and “cold” (27C is cold, right?). Camotes hopefully next month or Oct…. Stay tuned 😉

    1. Your country is stunning ! Will spend time on your blog this coming week looking for our next vacation spot …

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