WPC : Today was a good day

And so was this week!

At this time of year, there is hardly any tourist on Bantayan island, let me know when you come and we’ll pick you up at the pier.

You won’t find any clubs or bars on our side of the island but the Buko juices and the San Miguel are the most refreshing…


17 thoughts on “WPC : Today was a good day

  1. So pretty! I loved your sunny gallery and now I’ll dream of crystal clear water and serene beaches!
    Ps: your kids are adorrrrable!
    Good night my friend!

    1. Internet is soon slow here , sorry I did not answer before. Thanks so much for your sweet words my dear, happy happy week to you!

  2. Magnifiques images, adorables poussins, et ton optimisme est contagieux!
    mais mettre Amelie Nothomb entre toutes les mains……je ne suis pas certaine que
    cela soit vraiment recommandé? ☆☆☆☆☆☆

    1. Tu dois lire Stupeurs et Tremblement! comment preparer un voyage au Japon sans ?! Tout plein de bises, viens nous voir ❤

    1. The weather was so perfect this week! plus no one at sight, total bliss. Now we are back in the rainy and busy city, but with our batteries totally recharged 🙂 You are so welcome to join us ! X

    1. 😀 Thanks dear! It was indeed a really good day. Like a gift, all perfect, all quiet, perfect weather and perfect colours. Imagine if we could stock those blessed times in a bottle to open in case of emergency?
      that s one of the great teaching of traveling: you learn to really appreciate and be in the moment. Sending you massive doses of vitamine sea and all the sunshine you need 😉 X

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