Mundane Monday Challenge: Look at the bright side


Before you choose what you want to focus on today, remember the Buddha’s words : “What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you can create“. So, the barbed wire or the heart shaped shiny leaf?

Wishing you all an inspiring week … 🙂

More about the Mundane Monday Challenge right there


11 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Challenge: Look at the bright side

  1. You know I”m going to go with the shiny heart-shaped leaf, and I know you are, too! (Very good thing for me to see before I leave for work on a Monday morning … ugh) Have a great week!

    1. I needed the reminder as well; no internet again at home (probably for another month..), not hot water, washing machine leaking everywhere, no more coffee.. one of those days you could definitely make good use of the barber wire on the next person who asks you “you re sure you’re ok?”… Breath in…And focus on the leaf 😉 X

  2. Sorry about the previous comment. I didnt know that you already joined back.

    Well wise words from celebrity Estelea again! 😉 I like the heart shape you chose to look today 🙂

    1. 😉 Here is to wish you best of best of luck for the launching of your book! I love this challenge, even if our internet is probably among the worse on earth, I can’t stay away from it too long!

  3. So positive and wisdom…I wish you also a very positive and magical week! Let’s be optimistic no mater what’s happening around us or inside us!

  4. Argh, no internet! That is not possible. hehe. I know how much you just LOVE cebu. 😛 Love this photo with all its curves and sharp edges, greens and blacks. Such is the irony of life. 🙂

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