3 best ways to wear your silver lines


My little girl was snickering at my head, and finally announced “Mum, you got floss in your hair. Let me get them for you”.

Before I could say anything, she pulled out her treasure : 2 WHITE HAIRS!

Mum, they really look like hairs ..

– Not at all Sweetie, they are strands of glitter !”

She liked the answer.

I did not.

I had to come up with a plan …

  1. Wear them like a crown  

Did you know that grey hair is hyper trendy? The number of women who have requested grey dye jobs have sky rocked in the past year.  E-tailer Amazon reports that grey hair dye sales have spiked by 80 per  cent this year, with its two bestselling dyes, Renbow Hair Color Cream in Silver and Stargazer Silverlook Hair Dye are up over 200 per cent and 80 per cent respectively!

Grey is proudly worn by fashionistas of all age, because, repeat after me “It Is Classy”. Yes my daughter, your Mum is classy!

My hair is a source of inspiration for all those models and pop stars like Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and even Pink. Check the Pinterest boards on “Grey hair”, and you’ll only come to the conclusion that grey is definitely the new black. Lucky me, I don’t even need to spend the day at the hairdresser to look awesome (FYI first, the hair must be de-colorized, or bleached white, and then the dye is applied.it costs from $200 up to $700, depending on hair color and condition. Touch-ups are required about every four weeks).

The day I’ll be all grey I’ll be naturally hype!

Some pretend that grey isn’t ageing only if you are under 30. It is the contrast with the young skin that makes it looks so striking. Might be true :

Or not:

What is true is that those 50 shades are for non smokers who stay away from the sun (or else your hair will turn yellowish or blueish). And really care about their hair . All fashion bloggers agree that bleach can put a lot of stress on your hair, making it hard to achieve a sleek, glossy look of sophistication. The key is keeping your hair — and your body — moisturized. Drink lots of water, eat a healthy diet, and use specialized, moisturizing shampoo and hair products to keep your locks luscious.

Make up matters too, here are some precious tips on the colours to wear.

2. Grey hair? don’t care ! (play it like Kate Middleton)

What I don’t see does not exist, as simple as that. I am just like the Duchesse of Cambridge. She does not even seem to notice the consternation and/or bafflement her gray roots are causing to the people around her.

Her smile seems to whisper a royal “who cares”? I love that. Yes, I have grey hair, but also kids and I happen to be working too.. Tell you what buddy, a touch of grey is not my biggest problem. Same attitude with Katie Holmes or Marion Cotillard. Actually my hair is not even as grey as Katie yet, all of a sudden I feel so young!

Why bother pretending? yes we have grey hair. yes, we are definitely over 20 and we feel good about it. Grey hair is hereditary anyway, we get it from our children!

Be grateful for aging gracefully, it is a privilege denied to many..

3. The radical way: the chance to conquer your mid life crisis 

If not now, then when? who will notice your grey hair now? just make sure the color matches your new Harley Davidson.

Before reaching this extreme, you can find some moral support on Instagram, notably via #greyhairdontcare and #grannyhair

The e-litterature assures that you can always prevent the invasion of the precious silver lines. Seems that yoga can help, some vitamins too, applying coconut oil, eating more almonds … I decided to focus on the second on this list. Anything for the good cause !

How are YOU coping with your silver lines?


25 thoughts on “3 best ways to wear your silver lines

  1. My dearest!! I love this post! You look adorable in your photos and they put a huge smile on my face!
    I admit to cutting out my grays… But I just might be convinced to let them stay!
    Happy happy Thursday and here’s to embracing our true beauty!

    1. Couldn’t agree more : Cheers to embracing our true beauty ;):
      Thanks so much for your compliments dear, although I am not so sure about the rasta blond looks. So impressive how a new color and and haircut can transform a face.. Had I been living in a big city like yours, I could have been tempted to try a new color, but definitely not here. I tried twice in Asia, and the mere memory is still a vivid trauma 😛 The pict of me with the rasta hair looks very natural in comparison of how I looked when I left both Salons in tears..

  2. I’m soooo not! I’m trying to ignore the glitters and embrace each and everyone of them…and I’m failing. Maybe when I run out of money because I hv to pay for the kids’exhorbitant schooling then I’ll stop going to NY one and only trusted hairdresser!

    Love your colours! Actually a whole head of grey doesn’t look bad at all. It’s the random strands that are annoying!

    1. Me too, I forget them 😉 Although sometimes I would love to go to one of those great salons and try a real new color. If not now, then when? Plus if it all turns out terrible, I can always come back to hide in the Philippines 🙂
      But now that I know that even Marion Cotillard keeps her grey, I can pretend it is French attitude…

    1. 😉 You are right, grey is the way .. I actually don’t mind as long as I they remain discreet. I don’t really feel like going to the hairdresser ever other month just to hide a few silver lines.
      As you rightly said, it is all about aging gracefully..

  3. Dear Stephanie, first of all, let me compliment you – you look fantastic in these photos, you are a real model whose eyes are like two sparkling balls shining on earth and make people feel positive…Secondly, topic is so actual for me since I also recognized some thin silver lines on the top of my head and i am quite young yet, but as you perfectly right said it’s an inherited feature. Women in our family had their first silver lines before 30, so I am not the exception. I do not freak out too much about it and even like it because I have funny strips, although sometimes I recognize them in the mirror. I totally agree that you should accept yourself as you are and enjoy every age you go through. You should enjoy this life until you have it and no matter how you look, the most important is how you feel and you feel devilishly good!

    1. Heartfelt thanks my dear for those compliments 🙂
      As you said, what matters most is how we are feeling. If you feel good and happy, the silver lines are sparkles. If not, then they are grey. I would freak out if I had real grey hair and I am definitely not ready to go for Option 1. But a few lines, as long as they dont show off too much, we can coexist in peace 😉 X

  4. I have been sort of lucky. My gray hair blends into my streaky blonde hair and looks like highlights, so people are always telling me they love my hair color! I still see it in the mirror as highlighted blonde, but when I see a photo, it is most certainly GRAY-ish! Most of the time I embrace it, but occasionally I get a comment like “OH, I love how you’re letting your hair go …” and that sounds kind of like a compliment and an insult at the same time, sending me to the colorist to ask for more lowlights! I will never cover it all up (I don’t think) because without it my hair looks boring now.

  5. OK, so it’s different for a man, but I’ve been embracing my grey/silver since I was 23. Wouldn’t mind a go at the blue though; you look good with the colour. 🙂

    1. That’s the whole thing with men: you will always look sexy with grey hair, this reassuring and classy je ne sais quoi.. For us, it looks a bit more .. old!
      Thanks for the compliment 🙂

  6. blue looks great on you… 😉
    similar story here: “Dad, you’ve got spider webs in your hair”. Never mind, I’ll leave it as it is. First gray, and then (or maybe even before) all gone…

    1. “Spider web” ! 😀 I love that!
      My Dad is almost bold, and my eldest brother is following his path. When my grand mother noticed it, she could only conclude that “hair don’t stay on bright men’s heads” 😉 You gotta be a Jewish Mum to come to such statements..

      I like the blue too 🙂 I still don’t understand why I am the only one in the family who thinks that I should go for it. People are so conservative sometimes …

  7. goodness! grey hair is my nemesis!!! i freak out seeing even just one single silvery floss strand (i like how your daughter described it). so not too long ago, i started plucking them all out until i could no longer catch up with them. now I’m coloring my hair, even fr**king month. grrr… i know, i shouldn’t stress out. this post makes me want to embrace all my greys! you look good in blue and multi colored hair too. 🙂

    1. Hehehe, I had the same initial reflex. I had to stop when I realised it had became too time consuming 😛
      So it’s true, one really has to do it every month? do you just cover with some sort of henna or do you have to go for the real colour?

      1. For mine, it is almost every month but I guess I am lucky in a way bec most of them are underneath my real black hair, only the little (and annoying) ones stick out on top of my head. I just had it retouched (no not henna) with real hair color. Wait, you can do henna???

      2. I read about it but I am still enquiring.. It seems that there are some that don’t turn your hair red. I’ll definitely keep you posted 😉

    1. Thanks a lot 😉 I am still wondering if I should go for the short blue one .. But I dont want to scare the kids.. Shabbat Shalom my dearest!

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