Good morning Sunshine!


1. united, joined, or linked.
2. having a connection.
3. joined together in sequence; linked coherently: connected ideas.
4. related by family ties.
5. having social or professional relationships, especially with influential or powerful persons.
6. Mathematics. pertaining to a set for which no cover exists, consisting of two open sets whose intersections with the given set are disjoint and nonempty.

23 thoughts on “Good morning Sunshine!

      1. Oh yes, couldn’t agree more! They remember what we do, not what we say. For this as well they are indeed my Zen masters residents, reminding me constantly to walk the talk 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your sweet comments that led me to your beautiful blog! So happy to be able to follow you and get inspired by your awesome pic 🙂

  1. Wow, Stephanie, this is your picture you painted! I am speechless, it’s a real art, it’s a masterpiece! Took my breath away…

    1. I wish I could totally show off and reply ‘yes, this is what I do on my little spare time’. But it was not me . At least Mr Attila and me are good models 😉 X

    1. Merci 🙂 C’est le mega plus de ne pas bosser! avoir cette petite bestiole au lit tous les matins avec ce sourire dévastateur ! C’est a ce moment que je me dis qu on aurait pu avoir 3 enfants ou 4. Inutile de preciser que la pensée s efface très très vite des qu on a fini le petit dej 😛

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