Mindfulness made simple


Cruising in the bluest seas of the Philippines in the early hours of the morning is a tribute to calm, peace and mindfulness.  One of those precious times that naturally takes all your awareness on the present moment and makes your heart smile. As you think to yourself.. What a wonderful world…

In response to the  Weekly Photo Challenge on Monochromatic


24 thoughts on “Mindfulness made simple

    1. Thanks a lot 🙂 yep, can’t really complain. Philippines are incredibly good for the eyes, the skin and the moods ! Tres belle semaine à toi

      1. Actually it is also raining here, the cyclone season is on. So I thought a picture from last month would be more photogenic 😉

  1. Wow….indeed the Philippines offer millions of moments of mindfulness! We are lucky to have you as our guide to share with us these lovely places that capture the peace, tranquility and beauty of our planet!

    1. So happy to be able to share 🙂 And we are so lucky to have you to share The City Vibes I miss so much! Not to mention those mouthwatering picts of yours..WHen are you posting a recipe on your blog (I know I tend to be a bit pushy ;).. XXX

    1. Got it! The Sony A6000. Such a little gem.. I am so impressed at what it can do, and I only read half the leaflet.. Stay tuned… 😉

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