(kinda) Mindful Monday: My Buddha said Tokyo!


When in doubt, Buddhism encourages us to question our perspective on our current situation. Can we shift it or enlarge it?are there any positive angles? We should practise bringing our attention to our breath through our day as a way to focus on the present moment.

That’s what I should be doing. But I am still far too restless to stay really still for more than 5mn. So I made great use of the other 15mn I had plan to devote to meditation… and got us tickets to Japan! After all, even Buddha said that surrendering to our little imperfections is part of the journey.

In our family, we don’t celebrate B’days and Xmas with big presents. We offer “voucher for an exciting family trip“instead. So Japan will be where we’ll all redeem our coupons this year. Because when Buddha speaks about change of perspective, I do take it literally. I Can’t wait to experience the energy of the city and the nature again, and visit this old classical music café where speaking is forbidden, unless you really whisper..  Stay tuned!


39 thoughts on “(kinda) Mindful Monday: My Buddha said Tokyo!

    1. Yes it is Mont Fuji. Totally karaoke free, can you believe they have cafes where you can not speak? They would go bankrupt in a week in the Philippines 😉

      1. I would love to be in a cafe where you cannot speak! Sounds like one of those monasteries in Cebu where the sisters take a vow of silence, I forgot the name though. You are right about them going bankrupt in the Philippines though. You’re cracking me up tonight! 🙂

      2. 😉 But in this one you can break the vow to order a decent drink, how cool is that? (get another A and I ll consider your application for the trip ; ) )

      3. Or I can take it all the way and just write down my order for them to read it. Or maybe send them a text message. No talking! Where is this in Japan? Boy, your kids are lucky!!!

      4. Yes it’s in Japan, I put a link in the post. Not sure my kids will be allowed.. Or I have the feeling that they will be kicked out in a few secs.
        yes they are lucky 🙂 The conter part of not having TV, toys and full cupboards. Hope they ll keep on collecting memories over things when they’ll grow up ..

      5. I don’t see anywhere that says no talking is allowed (at least on that link on your post). Maybe I missed it somewhere?

      6. There you go! But isn’t it ironic this cafe is named “Lion”? I was just thinking right now about the numerous cat cafes in Japan so if you go to Lion maybe you can take your kids to the cat cafes afterwards. 🙂

      7. 😀 You are so right! as per the Cat Cafes, we did a couple in Seoul, and what the cute pict don’t tell is … that they do smell !

  1. Great news, dear Estelea! It is a wonderful choice in terms of gift, and of place! Wish all success in the planning and doing! Best to you and your family! Have a wonderful week! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I am so excited to discover this country with the Dream Team 🙂 I think it is the first time in our life we are living so close to Japan, so we must visit! I have been stuck on the Lonely PLanet all week end, it seems so beautiful and quiet..Cant wait to explore! Lots of love from all of us to all of you X

  2. Auden’s parents went to Japan a couple of years ago and they loved everything. Great choice by the Dream Team! Lots of love back to all of you, dear friend! XX 🙂

  3. Japan…sounds fantastic, Stepahine, I envy you a bit! So, I will insist on many photos and your always colorful and unforgettable posts! Enjoy journey and have fun! Hugs

    1. Will do, I promise 😀 Counting the days till we get there, I am so excited to discover this country..It looks so unique, and so clean and neat…Plus they have the best sushis of the whole planet 😉 Many hugs back to you! X

  4. I’m with you on the gift-giving! For a while now, we have taken family trips instead of buying presents for big holidays, and I just bought our tickets for Christmas in Colombia! But Japan sounds amazing … I always get trip envy! (Our son saw a great deal online and bought himself tickets to go to Japan for Thanksgiving! The apple did not fall far from the tree!)

    1. hehehe, I love that 😉 I wonder how normal people do it, feeling content where they are for years and years.. It is like reading the same page over and over to me. As long as we can, let’s explore the wonders of our world. Can only make us wiser and more creative (at least the 2 of us for sure 😉 )

  5. Oh wow, so exciting! I’d love to hear about your trip to Japan (and see photos on Instagram, right? :). I actually love arranging trips for holidays instead of presents – I read somewhere, that travel is the only thing that you pay money for and it still makes you richer.

      1. I so looking forward to it, Estelea. 🙂 Thank you for your compliment. I’m just starting learning to be a better photographer.

  6. Very exciting! I have been doing Buddhist meditation for the last 6 months and learning some of the principles. It resinates so much with me. Enjoy it all!!

  7. My dearest! I’m a little behind in reading blog posts so I’m sorry to be late in replying to your Monday’s post! Wow, a trip to Japan sounds incredible! I have always wanted to visit…
    I think it is a lovely idea to gift yourselves a trip instead of large items for birthdays / holidays…I can’t wait to see the photos!
    Oh and I bet you’ll get hungry while on your trip towards Japan?! A nice tray of eggplant parmigiana, express mailed from NYC could help to ease your travel cravings!
    XOXO and can’t wait to read more about your departure date!

    1. Oh yes, after 2 weeks on rice, I ll be so craving for your eggplants parmiggiana I think I can come and collect the whole tray myself 😉 We are so excited to leave, I am almost counting the hours. I read that it is so quiet there that people only text, it’s considered very rude to talk over the phone in public ..Can you believe that? I have to check it out by myself! I hope the kids will behave a little bit so they dont kick us out after a few days 😛 Warm hugs XXX

  8. I loved your Buddhist reasoning and will replicate it here to see if we go to Japan as well, because I am so jealous of you right now….in a good way though. Japan is in my must-see list…

    1. We have to adapt the theory to the practice sometimes so it can easily makes sense. I bet you agree 😉 I promise I ll send tons of good thoughts from there and I ll gladly share all my tips! Big hugs and X

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