Wordless Wednesday : My toddler’s way of being totally mindful


I guess that’s what they mean by “living totally in the present moment”…


14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday : My toddler’s way of being totally mindful

    1. Thanks so much, your compliment really means a lot to me! I need to follow more Photo Challenge so I can keep on learning from you all…

      1. I know I have learned so much from viewing bloggers’ photos. It fun to learn and improve, isn’t it? Have you read Jithin’s recent “the world easier…” photography instruction?

      2. Oh no, I missed it! thanks for the info, will check it out right away. I love his advices and tips, he really makes photography simple.

    1. How sweet is it to be able to enjoy all the treats you want without even knowing the meaning of Calorie? Total Bliss !

    1. Oh yes! Definitely not dwelling in the past nor anticipating the end of her pain au chocolat 😉 Totally in the moment!

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