Guess who hit the headlines today? …

andt he winner is..

So proud to figure among the Bright Expats 🙂 Thanks a lot Elena and Cie for reaching out to us, now come and visit!


Kids on the boat: no, it is not so hard to get used to island life. Kids on the boat: no, it is not so hard to get used to island life.

French Mum, humanitarian, restless explorer and doer on sabbatical in Cebu (Philippines): one Attila in each arm, I am exploring the “toddlers safe” corners of the region, while trying to keep some room for Me.

After a decade of humanitarian assignments, Estelea decided to enjoy with her family the exotic life in Cebu, Philippines. “I thought I had a very demanding job before I became a full time expat Mom and do the job of 10 for free! My Attilas are the reason I Wake up each morning, the reason I breathe and why my hair is turning grey, my house is a mess and I am in dire need of yoga”, she says. Restless explorers, French touch in Cebu invite us to think about motherhood, how to keep the kids busy and their expat life in…

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16 thoughts on “Guess who hit the headlines today? …

    1. I guess I am a pop star, as simple as that 😉 I loved this interview, the questions were very smart and got me thinking a lot (especially the last one).
      THanks a lot for your kind words dear, have a great week end!

  1. This is so beautiful, Estela. I read this (seconds ago) in the Hong Kong Airport waiting for my flight (in 11 hours) to Chiang Mai. As I embark on this journey of my own abroad, I must let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me. Living abroad with your family–not always in your comfort zone but always learning so much–I think it’s so brave and so amazing and I really admire you for that. Here’s to travel and new experiences and always learning.

    1. Oh you are so so sweet, thanks so much. Your message means a lot to me, really 🙂
      Leaving the expat life can seem very glamorous at first but it comes with many doubts regarding the way you impose your lifestyle to your children.. So far so good, and I am happy we are living in a safe and very kid friendly place. Too bad our family and friends cant hardly visit us, it is so far from home.. Cant have it all.
      By the time you ll read this, you ll be in the Land of Smiles, probably already knowing about your place of assignement.. Can’t wait to find out !!

  2. Wow! I enjoyed reading your interview so much ! My congratulations ! Your words were so open and honest and I learned even more about you and your family. The photos are adorable all your kids are super cute as always and I liked seeing the one with your husband and you together at the beach 🙂
    I’m so proud of this interview and proud to know you, my friend. Much love and hugs!

    1. Heartfelt thanks my dearest 🙂 You should recognize us right away when we ll knock at your door some Sunday.. 😉 Happy Week end !

  3. Love it! Love the photos! You have such a beautiful family. Keep on writing and sharing your beautiful world estelea. It is such an inspiration.

    1. Waou, you really made my day! You have no idea what your encouragements mean to me. The expat life looks all bubbles and glitters from the outside, like the Stay at Mum life seems the one of the privileged, meaning we dont have to work. But there are so many moments of doubts that come with this life: the distance from our families, the lifestyle we are imposing to our kids who can not make long term friends, the homesickness.. So it feels incredibly good to read that we are inspiring, it s very reassuring 🙂 heartfelt Salamat again, and happy happy week to you!

      1. You are most welcome!

        “The expat life looks all bubbles and glitters… ” <— you make it look like it especially with the blue hair! Nah, just kidding. We are sorta expats here too you know so I know how it is with regards to distance and homesickness. We just have to get up and get going and learn and inspire from one another. 😉

        Mwah my glam online friend! 🙂

  4. Absolutely fabulous interview and photos of this dream team! I am so in love with your kids.
    This candid interview gave excellent insights into the culture, useful tips, and many life lessons. You are a fantastic human being, with a generous heart, an open and respectful mind, always showing respect and appreciation for diversity.
    What an adorable family!

    1. A billion thanks for your sweet message. It means so much, you are the best ego booster of the whole galaxy, such a blessing to read you on a Monday especially. I know the week will be awesome 😀 ❤

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