Japan – 3 : The adrenaline rush of the (totally messy) departure


It has became a pattern of ours. There haven’t been a single family trip we have been able to handle without a last minute mega stress.. Just a sample of our previous adrenaline rushes:

  • realising you lost your passport 5h before departure ? Checked!
  • forgetting your exit clearance and having to rush back from the airport to the Emigration with 2 exhausted whining toddlers? Checked!
  • reading the date of departure right but not the time? Checked ! 00:45 means being at the airport the night before.. Now we know it, our names were called so many times in the airport that all the passengers clapped when we finally made it in the plane..
  • Now what? we are leaving to Japan on Thursday and guess what? Just found out that The French Embassy wrote M instead of F for Ms Attila’s gender. Now we need to fly to Manila to get an emergency passport, and we are still stuck at the airport where our 5 AM plane is announced with at least 3h delay.. Of course we need to get the exit clearance once we get the passport (fingers crossed we get the passport on time). Breathe in.. Breathe out .. the adventure is starting right now.

Please make me feel normal and reassured: can you relate to our poor planning skills ?… I used to be so well organised  when I was flying for work at least twice a month. Last time I went to the doctor for fatigue, forgetfulness and inability to focus. I was diagnosed with ..Motherhood 😛


30 thoughts on “Japan – 3 : The adrenaline rush of the (totally messy) departure

  1. Kids definitely make thinks 1000 times more difficult. We focus on making sure they are fed, watered, pottied, not lost, and feeling loved. Forgetting tiny details like a silly incorrect letter on paperwork can be forgiven. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot for those words 🙂 Sometimes I wonder where my functioning cells have gone, and I wish I could be one those super mama who write those successful tips on how to get it done perfectly 😛 Bah, where is the fun then? At least when it will all work out (fingers still crossed), we ll remember this as a memorable trip right from the start..

      1. Those women are fictional characters, anyway. I don’t believe they really exist. And if they DO, I am glad I am not one of their children… 😉

  2. Oh, dear Stephanie, I would like to give you a huge and comforting hug and tell that everything will be all right! You will do it and that will be a nice vacation, you will see, I always tell only the truth! Take care and huge support!

    1. I trust your words dear! we are off to get our exit clearance now, at least we have the new corrected passport 😛

    1. Oh again you are so totally right! Definitely more used to Murphy’s Law and much more tolerant than before. Especially towards other Mums who used to irritate me when their kids where whining non stop. Now I feel for them. So much 😛

    1. 😀 Fingers crossed, one more trip to the Emigration and we should be able to pack.. What a suspense …Thanks so much for the kind words X

  3. I’m sure it will all work out, but while it’s happening, it’s very stressful. I remember once that some official had made a slight error with my date of birth on my visa, so it didn’t match up with my passport. It caused a long delay, and I was made to feel like a criminal. We do manage to get through these hiccups. Take care. 🙂 xx

    1. THanks ! It is kinda the same that happened to us, they wrote Male for her sex. You should have seen her face at the Emigration when the officer said ” this kid can not travel with you”. Brrrr…. Poor thing 😛 At least we now have the temporary passport, lets see what the Emigration officer thinks of this one …XXX

  4. Oh dear, what a stress. You will get it done, I am sure. And yes, you are normal and this has nothing to do with bad planning. It’s the opposite, in fact, as you found out the issue in time to find a solution, despite having to fly to Manila.
    If that helps you feeling better, I discovered 10 hours before the flight departure that the airline had issued my ticket for Mr. instead of Ms. I called and they couldn’t change it ,and just told me that nobody looks at it. I was lucky because it wasn’t a passport and nobody checked, but considering all checking points because of terrorism, I could have missed the flight.
    So, relax! xxx

    1. And you really dont look like a man 😀 We have the passport with the right gender on it this time, we triple checked everything. I couldn’t believe they made such a stupid mistake of mistaking her gender. She really doesn’t look like a boy. But the good point is that the officer realised the mistake a few days before our departure, as you said. At least we still have some hours left.. Keep your fingers crossed 😉 XXX

      1. Lol now I don’t look like a man but as a kid I looked like a boy with my short hair!
        I’m so happy to hear the outcome of the passport saga!! Celebration!
        So you’re good to go and no stress? My fingers and toes are crossed and I’m sure everything will be fine.
        Just yoga and namaste!

      2. No stress, even Champagne to celebrate Ms Attila’s Bday . A bit of yoga tomorrow and we should be perfectly good to go … Big Big Hug and thanks so much for the great vibes X

      3. It’s her birthday? Give a big hug to her and zillion kisses with love. Many happy returns with much happiness and health.
        And have that glass of bubbly on my behalf, please?
        Huge hug back at you!

  5. Oh goodness, I hope everything goes well when you actually start travel. What a messy pre departure period! At least you have yoga to keep you slightly sane. 🙂

    1. Exactly! not totally sane but slightly! Now I am practicing positive meditation 😉 .. How are you? Did you get your first real Thai massage yet?

  6. M instead of F?! Travel can be so stressful. I’m passionate about travel, but always have a nightmare the night before…
    Enjoy your trip! 🙂

    1. Yes, they wrote “M’ For Male for her gender.. At least we now have her new passport, and I checked every single letter on it. On our way to the Emigration. Yoga tonight for sure 😛 XXX

  7. LOL. Sorry. Gotta laugh and I’m just thinking it wouldn’t be you if shit doesn’t happen! It’s like a signature! 😀 Besides, it won’t be be fun without all the mess and inconveniences…like you going to Korea with Ms Atilla without Marcel!

    Enjoy Japan!!! Hope things are smooth-sailing! 😀

  8. oh boy, I read this post en route to Florida while hubby was driving at night and I was silently laughing (sorry but this does make me giggle) lest my hubby think something was wrong with me. Only now that we are back home comfortably settled in do I have the chance to make a comment (because after I read THIS post, I KNEW I had to comment!). First off, that picture is totally adorable!!!! Winner!!! Hands down in my book. 🙂 I am still trying to practice my headstands too against a wall but after suffering from neck pain a couple of months ago, I stopped doing it and just focused on my crows. 😉 Secondly, ah, I might say I am secretly glad I am not a mother because I am too OCD to be doing all those things especially when traveling. I would probably breakdown in hysteria and nervous anxiety at the airport! Lol! Well, I don’t know where you are right now but have a safe trip to Japan and enjoy the little Attila’s 5th birthday. I can’t wait to read more of your hilarious adventures. 😛

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